Why do I need to write down my mood? I didn’t understand it when it was added back in the late 90s to bloggery; and I don’t intend to start using it now. I guess Ornery would be my mood then.

Got a good start on the day, work up at 0400 HRS, but didn’t leave bed until 0415. I need to meditate or have a better reason to get right out, but its all a start. It only took a couple of weeks, but I got used to it. Now that I am back to completing a comic in the morning, within about an hour ish, I need to need to continue that behavior and try to write better jokes and also improve my art skills.

I should like to turn Schwofield.com into a Media company with a journalist wing that is kept as separate as possible to avoid creating news stories to sell products. This period of time shall be known as the longest running advertisement.

This is why one MUST be truthful with oneself above all else. Master one self. Humble one Self before the God of that Self. Come to terms.

Acceptance. Understanding. Compassion. Humanities potential becomes unlocked. Philosophy and\or Sprituality are not things that should be “Mastered” except by the privledged few who are on the border of mental illness and divinity. For everyone else, there is reality.

I hope this next coming year reveals all obstacles and turmoils and pitfalls, so that we, the people of God, the Sons and Daughters of the Everlasting Love of that same God (Hashem), can overcome and overwhelm entirely all who seek to oppose us. Show Mercy when Mercy is warranted, but Justice leads to Salvation. May all of this and more come to pass, and no matter what I pray that we all

Remain in Light.