It’s funny that these new blogz n such have all of these cool features, that do not seem important to me. When I was younger, perhaps, but like gaming, it is not as interesting. I am glad I didn’t move on retail!? as I have a feeling the golden age of board games is coming to and end. It’s being pushed and it’s doing well, something has go to give, it’s been increasing steadily for several years.

It’s hard to invest in but, with modern technology, the ideas are complex and the issue now becomes one of creating good documentation, both kinds, full\effective and one that is concise, a reference. Much in life could be aided by reference cards, but who makes the rules we follow? Who told us we were naked? Society obviously on the former. The latter is STILL up for debate, though logic and reason always defer to the elements, but does that explain Fashion?

I am also thinking about purchasing some magazines today after church. Reference material. I have snubbed tracing for so long, and now I realize it is very important, and I am surrounded by reference materials. Sports\fighting\tasteful pornography.. buildings, animals.. the list goes on and on. As someone who has spent their entire life avoiding copying, yet who relied on it for certain goals, but abstaining whenever possible, I no longer see it as cheating, but valuable in understanding proportion.

The eye deceives, but the filter of the hand can reveal a lot more than I initially realized.

As for the Comic, here is a recap. Spinach was located by Admiral Sheol and She attempted to transpose him, it killed him. Spinach found himself walking along a long endless hallway, a door opened up, sometime after he farted and filled the hallway with his flatulence. Somehow he could fart, I don’t know. Yes, this brings lots of implications.

I will deal with them later.

Anywho, Spinach is invited by the hallway to go to an Altar with letters upon it, he looks at it, is attacked by Vice Admiral Dam. Spinach defends himself with a sword he pulled from the altar, and then kills Dam, who confesses two things to Spinach, three if you were paying attention. I know I wasn’t!

Spinach is then transposed to a new location, and now I can resume the usual Spinach and Clint, walkin’ and talkin’. Once I get bac to the 1 hour to make a whole Synthetic Wisdom scheme of things, I can entertain colouring the characters. As for now, I thank you for your reading this. Thank you your years of dedication and loyal viewership. Among the shadows I hear and feel your heart beating.

Among the darkness I can feel your eyes devour my words,

my soul.

My ever living God, Adonai Echad. My Beloved, my struggle, my Oath and my desires and laughters and sadness, my everything, you desire to feeeeed upon.

You are the Darkness, I am the Light. You hide among the deceitful actions of those who need to sacrifice much to keep the land defended.

I thank you, whose aims and purpose are true, and I hope that one day we can walk freely together in the sun light, of day. The Day of Days. I love you. Even the bad guys, I love you, and I wish for us all to forever,

Remain in Light.