Ahh yes, another chance to express some thoughts on life.  I’ve been writing on the internet for a quite some time now, and I’ve noticed something, the dangers of mass media as the sole form of communication.  This is also the moment when those who are part of it become some kind of self actualized entity.  It’s power can only exist as long as the central God of the host country is upon Mammon or in the case of Israel, Lilith.  Even the name shortened to the Hebrew version is some weird derivation of Gods “true” name.

As a precursor, I have left the Catholic church for a while, to find real Catholicism.  Of a truth, the Rabbi of rabbis, or teacher of teachers would be Jesus the Christ, but even that man would agree with Moses on the Father of all things is the ultimate teacher.  The idea that all energy and matter coming from a single source, should never cease any attempt to find out all that we can about the world, both outer, which is now forced upon all men; and the inner, man’s oldest fear and greatest ally.

If you like Jesus the Christ, and you really want to make him your number 1.  You only need the first four books of the New Testament.  I wanted to know more, which is why I am delighted that I was sent towards Judaism.  The media brought to me a rich tradition and ability to hold onto a culture even though America was to become the seat of many of our older forces of worship.

Humanity can be saved a great and terrible fate if they handle themselves correctly.  England is a prime example of what a ruling family truly is, a trust in ones country.  Your feet should always be where your “heart” guides you.  I like laboratories; schools, I like temples, and some churches, I like being in a friends or loved ones homes for whatever reason.

I dislike everywhere else I go in my own country.  I am grateful of where I am, this is perhaps the greatest part of accepting an Ivory Tower mentality, but I have been researching Wisdom, humanity, rule, and war, only to find that Machiavelli was right, the people do not go to war with the people, but princes go to war with princes.

How the DEA, CIA, and with allowance from the Far Right and Israel,  A war on the citizens would be somehow focused on a subset, for the sole purpose of profit and raising the enemy, raising his opponent, then raise the next opponent as the enemy is overthrown.  Aaron worshipping the Golden Calf, and not being killed by the new people, meant the people were never to keep the holy land.

What does Moses do then? He gets the priest class/legislature to create more rules, perhaps now the people will remember this moment.

I like the story of the people in the desert, and the more I learn about it, I was indeed surprised when I learned for the Torah being a selection of books chosen for this.

First the chapters are chosen, then the words.

This is a problem with translation.  I have read Bresheit of Bresheit, or the beginning of Genesis in several different Texts given to me.  Hands down, the Hassidic version has the most color and flavor, there seems to be some kind of want in Tikun Olam, or fixing things, by focusing on the history with the critical eye of cynicism.

How did the Jews last so long?  Their main doctrine was not only a separate culture unique to their beginning (unless the desert was a lie, in which case, Israel suffers even more, no matter how much they threaten the other).  They also saved their commentary, which as you expect grew by leaps and bounds with the lessons and strict adherence to it.

This dual citizenship is great, IF you don’t blend the two.  Apparently the God that created our beloved Jews, (the concept of that held through time as a self empowering culture), HATED when the people forgot the first commandment.

Is this proof God exists?  That doesn’t matter.  What matters is that the Jews have a built in King, it was the God all things.   The priests kept the culture going by forcing a strict reliance on rules, to keep the people focused on themselves partaking in the most hallowed of all moments.  From my dealing with God, He, loves singing.

The temple I like going to, is almost non stop singing (fast!), and when the congregants sing in the right harmony, everyone who sings can feel better.  Like all becoming one voice, the all voice is what I’m guessing.  The beat is complicated and repetitive, which makes me grateful this service is only once a week.  (Also, no FLAGS!  Freedom!!)

After the service, fear fills the temple, and the saving insular grace makes them afraid of all men.  I’m trying to bring Israels sins to light, so my fellow Jews can help me decide on whether or not I should argue in her favor.

If her Destruction could be avoided, should it?  If any country is run by dicks,  should the people not have the divine right of justice to overtake at any time?  This is why if a king should be allowed, he should embody what his country is.  He is the example of examples.  If a Queen should take, then she must also not blend what makes her people good and strong.  Any and all actions by the leader of leaders, erodes not only personal faith in the person, but in the system of rule, as well.

When that system of rule becomes questioned, those in power scramble to keep their own power, they would at this point, think of themselves each as capable of becoming the King, so they would sacrifice all but the darkest of ties.

This is why Morality matters more than ethics for  those in power, as ethics matters more for the people.  The peoples morality are a reflection of the most powerful.  This divine rule always ends up corrupting the individual, either in one year or hundreds, but as the power collects, so too does the corruption, and bending of morals.

Here in America, our mass media complex works for the world shadow government for the sole purpose of keeping the people from revealing what was really going on.  Other countries may face ripples from this, but the more humane their response, not only will they survive, but they will thrive.  Woe be unto any who takes the offensive force, for the defenders will always win out.

Israel wanted a king, and still to this day, we all suffer because of it.  I cannot afford to go there, as I am not only swallowed in debt, but I have been making the same amount of money for over a decade now.  My own countrymen have seen wages stagnate for forty years now.  Our business refused to invest the country they lived in.  Instead they poisoned the ground and ruined legislation that allowed those that corrupt to do so.

Those names are written down on the hearts and minds of those most affected, so when America loses its Fed, those people may not see any trials, not will they be extradited.  Of a truth, a countries true patriot(s) would not allow the act of meddling in others countries affairs, because now the loyalty shifts from the country, to another.  So even those who say now, they shall see no Judgement, are correct because death is so swift, its also hard to witness ones own demise.

America will be fine, and without the shadow government, it would be an asset to humanity, instead of what it became now.  Soldiers are sent to far away lands, because our leaders and businessmen refuse to invest in their own country (tax evasion as well), they kept a people dependent on charity, devaluing both the land and the people.  Our soldiers are also killed by combatants that are secret forces funded, armed, and trained.

The Cold War was then, and this is now.  This behavior continues, and no one stops it.  Our land generates so much wealth, but its stripped away from us by the Government, and businesses.  What have they done with all of our money?  It’s never enough, and services and paychecks are cut, so we have to rely on the federal reserve to hand out more money.  No one ever goes to jail, and people are thrown out of their homes, because the customer has to pay back loans at rising interest rates.

Unless that corruption is invested correctly in the people, i.e. mitigation, it will erode the trust in the system, and that usually leads to questioning roles of power.

The military should not get involved, unless private security is being used to pervert judgment.  Once the military gets involved it has to make a decision who it should back, and of a truth, both parties will lead to failure.  Which is why one party needs the other, and the grievances should mediated by the third party, who represents the only judge and executioner that matters.  The corrupt businessman and damaging rabble rouser alike should be removed and analyzed so that the future can be better safe guarded.

What happens when we leave the stars?  Our Flags no longer fly, and humanity can lose its king to once again be free.  Take care of all those who are in your land as your brother.  If he wishes to be an enemy, then send him out.  If he tries to come back in, make sure he is sure of his actions, after that you are forced to remove that person.

Often times, humanity has been stripped away by some ruling force.  Deal with that force first, or help those who wish to deal with it, so that those who like their own land can live in it.

I hope you realize you are free.  Israel is not.  When she falls, the force shall cause many Jews to suffer, and many other Jews to be free.  Judaism isn’t the problem.  We have forgotten that no man has any power over another.

I want to take the remnants of the Jews and gather us together so that we can become strong again.  There is a place in the wilderness assigned for the survivors of certain lands.  Israel will not see many survivors, as I see it, her Destruction and the total desolation of the inhabitants is part of the Justice they helped bring down.

Of the evidence of this Judgment. I saw the aftermath of the Holocaust. Firstly that Jews had planned it, secondly, the Jews helped mastermind it for the third reason, thirdly, event has been used to justify many actions, the worst of which is condemning free speech, or restricting free will.

The notes on this final portion were a reference to Joseph being sold into slavery.  If they had confessed, God would have allowed Josephs return, instead, no confession, no truth, the story continued as we were told.  Later on, the reunion was done not out of love, but there was an incidence of revenge and pity.  These are real power who have forgotten why family is so important.

All of these events are recorded along with the results of these decisions.  It is a human story, I like it, and even though its core has become has hazy to the rest, I still love it.  The people sadly, are much like the people in my country.  There is no comfort here.  Our psyches have been under assault from all angles and generations for decades now, the people are afraid of each other in my area.

Americans are not weak. When they realize they don’t need the Fed, and this will only happen after the political game is revealed.

Lilith is involved.  She didn’t need to tell me.  I hear her loudest when I am in the halls of worship, or the halls of commerce, every hall of power I hear her.

There is one thing I asked for that cannot be given, because she does not exist.   There is a future telling aspect to dealing with the darkness, but I wanted to do this.  Not a single woman I have encountered could offer me comfort.  So, I was left only with Chaos, who didn’t exist, but I was able to then think about man and his inner darkness.

I’ve learned that man is free to do as he pleases.

Just watch out for consequences.

Every time I enter a temple, I am saddened by the people there.  There is no love in them.