From Anger to Mooovement


This comic is now a dedication to my man Derek. He’s an awesome man I met last night, and I told him about this place, and my deviantart, which I don’t update any that much because I haven’t done a “piece” in a long time. Honestly, I felt like my strips weren’t good enough for DA, my painting(s), yeah, and my book, huh, but back to the strips, they were too much of a learning experience for DA, every time I went there, instead of seeing inspiration, I saw brilliance in every piece. I placed each piece on an altar, still underneath the “best” works, but all raised higher than my own ego.


At my advanced age, I realize that through sex, magic(engineering), or administration we seek to find a compromise of sorts with the other ego’s (ego is Latin for I), we can do so on a level only of confidence, and that usually the greater confidence wins any given scenario. I bring all this back my own work, which like my self and my actions, I study and seek to fix and make better. I do regret not being better at cartooning or writing, but, I do not regret expressing truths as I have come to find them.


The only path to improvement in this or any field is to simply keeping doing it, and as I see around me with my disenfranchised eyes, those who are passionate about improvement usually find success and happiness. The content will never understand on the same level, their passion is only to hold on to all that remains. Those lucky devils.


In Schwofield news, we have an unhinged server going.


I’ve also written a bit more of my pilot, for a series I will call “uhhhhhh” no, it will be “code” “named” Happenstance. I can’t, and won’t talk about it here until further along the production cycle. I already know how to proceed once it is written, so just you wait. I have some powerful dialogue and the first season is conceptualized. Actually my moleskin, has the synopsis for the first three episodes. More on that as it develops.


Oh, I watched the Navigator (1988) yesterday, and for a blatant Christian movie, it had some good twists, and some cinematographic moments that bested anything that could come out now. Not much else to say, except that it used clairvoyance as a great way to transition periods of time. The sets were New Zeland great, as the Great Peter Jackson hath proven that time and time again. Without spoiling the movie too much I want to end talk about with the fact that it joins the multitude of movies that visit the “modern” 80s. As cool and thought provoking it is, it’s still a cop out, but I’ll bet that it was a tactic to coverall the shortfall left over from the blow (ab)use.


Oh, and I saw, In Time. The gangster male lead and Salsas, or Salas(Solace?) were the best actors in that whole movie as the quick cuts worsened everyone else’s performance. It was a movie, and had too many unbelievable moments that ruined what I thought was the (left to kill three endermen) was the story telling. That ending scene was so terrible is made me bitter towards the whole movie, that whole ending was sad. A MUCH better ending would have been to negated the clock system, rather than pass out the (cough)obvious homage to money(cough) to everyone like some sort of anarchistic socialistic pandering.


The only way to justify that would be to have a sequel wherein Salahs and that rich guys daughter was evil and they continued to destroy society in some made up notion of freedom (see previous paragraph ending) and then bring in some Time Knights or cool stuff, its the far flung future, even though the shadow banking cartel system is being threatened at its very corp it would still have the same thematic elements of decadence, as they have also succumbed to their immortality. There is a metaphor somewhere in all of that, but yeah, it could easily be a trilogy, and it now has an excuse to improve.


Just like I have an excuse to improve, also, I hate this auto insert word thing when I try to type mine own words.


O the Anger?

‘Twood only mask the sadness

o unhappiness

of life.


At some point a chapter has to end. Self resolutions are made as the past is forgotten. Will it resurface? When it does, you will have been stronger. Gotta go!! Have a good day!




I’m sending angels to watch you sleep because I’m always on the run”