Next weeks comic was painful, and again I find myself running into a point where the story I want to tell is completely out of my artistic reach.  Never did I realize that this might be part of me exploring the world.  When and where I can.  So many people have come and gone, and now I see that the younger generation may be smarter, but the internet has destroyed the sense of history that is being used against us.

It’s not the internets fault, instead it was the lack of a watchdog (again) that lead to a corruption that has infected many generations of people; at the same time the infrastructure holding up our modern world has become too expensive to maintain.  So sacrifices are being made to ensure that a growing smaller percentage of humans will be able to keep this charade going.

Money isn’t a bad thing either.  The lack of it, or too much of it, seems to be the cause of many problems.  We allow a corporate takeover of our sanity just so a little profit can be made, all while making the land and its people sicker.

I’m the last of the true conservatives.  My “religion” or my faith does not demand I force views on others, nor will I ever vote because some book said something.  It’s harder to find a true history, as our past is being erased, forgotten, and now rewritten to the point we must question what is true.

The saddest part about the modern world is that those who suffer for the Truth are slowly going to become the only ones capable of telling it.  Wisdom has been kept from the lower classes for this reason.

The lower classes have become like animals.  They only know one day at a time, and when a holiday approaches they don’t realize the importance of it, only the benefits.  No, not Christmas, that fallacy has been a truth for far too long.  Perhaps this was the first test to see if mankind was able to delineate between fact and fiction.  Or to realize that he is in fact separate from the world, but part of the overall human experience.

Of a truth I see this experience under attack by a small group of people whose goals are to strip all those who are not them of their humanity.  This is more prevalent now as one has become so lost, that rather than find himself, he seeks to change himself to become what society wants.  Individualism has become a four letter word.

I have had so many dreams and thoughts that warned about me about this, and now I question if I am even awake? There are people who are guiding mankind toward a destination that will lead to a lot of deaths, and sadly we will look to them as our saviors, as we have forgotten everything about the past.

Every struggle, every fight to regain our humanity, is becoming meaningless now.  There are those who say that Germany must still suffer because they were told an event happened a certain way.

What a sad commentary on humankind, when we can no longer find out the truth of a thing so we condemn others on lies our fathers told us.  This is the true power of a religion.

To destroy mankind ability to reason by denying him the ability to do so.  So we trust that our elders know whats best, when in fact they only want to hold fast to the past, hoping that it will come back.

They did not care to know the day then, nor they do they care now.  How can we predict the future when those that lead us have their own agenda and in turn get to play God with who lives and who dies?

This is either by giving power to an enemy, or taking away a (good) paycheck, so that the citizen is forced to make compromises in order to survive.  First they give up their namesake, then their identity, then finally their family.  This is how I see the world as it is brought to me.

I am to stay in this land and watch as humanity fights for its survival, all while watching the dark “gods” orchestrate their demands upon the people.

Freedom is always closer than one thinks, but we are told what freedom is supposed to be, so we accept our fate that others are simply born luckier than others, and there is no justice at all.

I am very sad to see my country has the most powerful military in the world, yet here, the citizens are under attack from foreign agents that kill and imprison the citizens for made up crimes.  Each day it becomes worse.   We are taught to fear other nations, but how can we?  Unless the other nations take over our laws, then we must fear not the nation, but the ruler of a nation.

This is all about money.

There are two large countries full of strong men that cannot compete because they do not have the capital.  Neither do we, but we borrowed the money first.  You would think the money would be spent on making the country a better place, instead it collects in the bank accounts of all those who have a select last name.  The money is also used to imprison and kill the citizens of this nation, and strip away the rights as the modern world seems to have given a certain nation Carte Blanche.

That nation was to exist because it held onto a certain set of laws and commands given to the people during a time of need.

Now they have no need.  They have a drunken lust for power, and the leaders have ignored it, and the people, well they are just people.  They refuse to rise up against their own king, because they no longer trust their own God.  The God that brought them out of a nation and made them realize their own freedom.

The same thing could be said of any true social contract.

What do you do, when the people we have entrusted the power of rule no longer care about the people?

They pass laws they do not read.  They fill their bank accounts while emptying others.  When a grievous crime is committed, a dog and pony show is portrayed, much like a class action lawsuit, and in the end nothing changes, and worse off no one goes to jail for committing crimes against the state.

Meanwhile, ones skin color and/or having plant matter on them, will not only send them to jail, but ruin that life forever.  Our leaders commit the same crimes, and worse, and there is no justice to them, why should we receive it?  This is why the corrupt turn the military and law enforcement against the people.

Protests and demonstrations are demonized or ignored.  Who are they for then?

Now protests and demostrations have become intelligence honeypots that are probably created by an entity that is trying to contain chaos no matter where it is.  Be it the desert or the homefront, the citizen has become the enemy of the state.  The laws that are passed are only for them, and not for those who make them come into being.

What country is less corrupt than next?  What church will tell the truth?  Where is the individuals sanctuary and moment of peace?

This is why humanity must fight back and reclaim itself.  Our princes have become the darkness, and we the people must be the light.

Time and God is on our side.