Current political antics and lack of access to health care in the US (insurance means healthcare is unaffordable, btw, and Covid means you are not allowed to see a doctor without paying more money).

Rest is what is needed, and rest is not what I am getting. Rest is what we all need; rest cures the majority of illness and disease, but rest is something only the wealthy can afford. The rest of us, pay to lose our rights and our health, so a very small percentage can benefit.

It sucks living in America; paying for Health Insurance that doesn’t do anything unless it is catastrophic, but even then, with high deductibles that will never be reached until the end of the year, or after thousands had been spent on diagnostics and tests, the procedures are going to be scheduled the next year, as hospitals are cutting hours and staff, so they can collect more money, and claim there is a crisis, when in reality, deception and cooked books are rewarded. That’s the rub about being a good guy. The corrupt get to commit crimes, and the current administration rewards them with more money, while calling all good people evil.

I am evil for not committing crimes against my own nation and neighbor in the name of hate.

I am sketching, or doodling. Sobriety from thc isn’t bad. Oral pain and unaffordable oral treatments are the best way to stay sober. Stimulus checks will only raise prices again to even higher, so the checks might as well be for pennies, the solution is to enforce the laws already in place. The problem, there is no incentive to enforce the law, there is only incentive in selling out the country, and silencing and killing anyone who opposes. As a white American, my country and my media preach Genocide and call me a Nazi, because of my skin color, my religion, and my nationality.

I have never been a Nazi in my life, nor do I agree with German solutions to german problems, I am an American, but since I am white, my government and my media have declared me an evil nazi that must be killed. They use the exact same rhetoric that Hollywood decries that the “Nazis” use against the “Jews”, but genocide is ok this time, because I am not a protected class. My skin color, gender, creed; and nationality make me incapable of being protected by my own government I am expect to uphold, even my own government cannot follow or abide by its own rules.

They do whatever they want and are rewarded. When I draw a breath, I am condemned for being alive, by my Government and the “Media”. I never agreed to kill all the Jews. The Zionists, the political movement I question their allegience to Torah, but since I am not a Jew, I have no right to question Judaism, and therefore not worshiping Jews or those that hate me, makes me a “Nazi” and again, appropriate for the government and the media to declare genocide on all white people, Christians; males, also straight. Because I am not gay, my government and media want me dead.

I do not wish death upon them. Just the military to do its job and stop those people who commit crimes, I wish logic and reason to reign once more, not cultural marxism that promotes genocide and hate to cover up their inability to have a functioning\solvent government of laws and equality.

My entire biological family hates me because I do not promote genocide against the germans, or white people. The media has successfully started yet another civil war, and my own military calls me a terrorist and the enemy, even though I try to end wars and stop genocide. I do not support genocide, but the US government and the big 6 international media corporations do. I will not support genocide against white people, or Christians, or males, or Americans, or anyone for that matter, I believe everyone is equal, but that makes me evil.

I didn’t want to write this, but I wanted to show you that I am still alive, and I wish for us all to

Remain in Light.