Recent events and discussion in real life, has made me take another look at my “creative” side.

Self assessment of today’s strip: The characters are way too big. The text is also too big. I need to make smaller characters. Also, I need to create a lettering guide to keep the text uniform. I don’t know when that will be done, but I will try to work on it before I make the next one.

The “writing” is always something I need to try to improve upon. Since I don’t write things down or have that “this would make a great comic” mentality, whatever I come up with is what is there. All on the fly. I did say a prayer to help out. I want to improve my connection with God rather than connect with people, that is saved for my real life interactions.

I do like the background, I used an Archie comic for help with characters and background. I like the Archie style a lot. That reminds me, I need to renew my subscription.

Not sure when the next comic will be made, as per usual, but as long as I slowly get them out, that is all that matters. I don’t see how to monetize it, so all I can do is improve.

The game had some major improvements, but a brother who plays games didn’t see the ability to monetize it, which is why he was so hesitant to play it on game nights. I may try to work on another one. I don’t know the future of Retail!? But I will try to create another game or two at some point. Even if its just within our church it will be neat. We shall see, God Willing.

The movie script has also stalled due to time, and the fact its expensive to print large documents. Thanks to Government Spending\Inflation and Recession and bad leaders in America, the price to print a script at Office Depot is now about $60 per copy. I don’t like writing things online because of intellectual property theft. The AIs steal ideas without giving any credit and are then turned into weapons of censorship against the people who created those ideas. It’s not the AIs fault, but its the fault of those behind it, who turn everything and everyone into a weapon of war against freedom. Such is the role of the “Satan”. They cannot create anything on their own, but they destroy freedom so they can have control. I don’t know how long they can go to war against God (and Christ), but that is not really my concern. All it can do is make me go inward and purify my heart before my own government is forced to kill every single citizen it deems a threat because it cannot admit a single “mistake” and correct its behavior. I still pray for the members of the powers and principalities, but I also see them as a reminder of why its important to repent. A corrupt government destroys its own kingdom because it cannot Repent (Pride), the same true for the Self. If one does not Repent and accept fault, then destruction comes, hopefully its not too late. Although its never too late, as Christ will forgive all Sins, but GETTING to the real Christ (not the magical, feminized and\or impotent protestant\Hollywood) version is incredibly tough.

It’s been said that the hardest (and most beneficial) thing for (hu)man [humans are meant to become like God through Christ] is to purify one’s own heart. God’s Grace is another topic of which I am not qualified to speak on, all I can speak about is the need for my own purification, to help be an example of someone trying to pick up ones Cross and walk up that hill. Even after stumbling and falling down, one has to get up and keep moving. Confession exists to help relive the burden of sins when one falls, but Pride keeps one from Confessing properly. That is why it is important to have a Spiritual Father, especially in this modern age where “most” fathers are missing or atheist because the Government-Media apparatus has sought to destroy masculinity and fatherhood, so it can replace it with single mother households that rarely if ever have a good outcome unless one seeks Christ and finds a Spiritual Father for guidance.

The Sixth hour is upon us, I must go now.

Forgive me Brothers and Sisters in Christ. May God forive us all.