Wow, I can’t believe I got a comic up in such a “short” time this morning. Glory to God!

Thanks especialy to Ancient Faith Radio for providing the music.

This is the first comic on my new Surface Pro 9. I am trying to remember how to set up the environment exactely how I want it. In the war on the flesh, getting back to comics is part of what I would like. Also learning a language on Duolingo. There was a time where school was about learning facts instead of feelings or in some “blue” states, sensual pleasures uber alles.

There was a time where an education allowed the students to learn Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. Just the basics. That was the age where critical thinking was adopted, instead it’s been replaced with “critical theory” which is neither critical nor is it a theory. The more one delves into its origins (as with common core), the more one see thats that those behind it are on the up and up, instead they seem to be part of the group that “Dumbing Down, America” talks about. It is a conspiracy, of the worst kind because it targets and weakens\abuses children, so they cannot grow up to their full potential, they are too busy chasing after pleasures and temporary matters. I pray for all broken to be healed. I am not perfect and suffer in my own way…. look how long it took just to get to this point? 2 comics in 2023? Yikes!

Also, look at my linework, my subject matter… so many things that need improvement. No one would pay any money for this kind of work. That is what the real job is for: a recovering coward, broken by the media and government who spent trillions on propaganda trying to make humanity into their image, which turns out was even more broken and corrupt (and sad) than the one before it. I am glad that men are fighting back and discovering how strong their bonds are, and that God created man (and became man) so that Man would one day become God. Only through Christ is this accomplished. First, the healing continues, as the Brotherhood is once again established. Men need other men, before they get women, they must learn to be with other men. That is who they talk with about feelings and struggles. The moment a woman learns of a mans weakness, they devalue that man. Currently, there exists very little for the woman to ascertain to, unless they too reject Society and turn towards the Theotokos. I am not qualified to speak any more on that matter, just a little reminder of how the Hospital of the Soul exists for healing and of two main points\people of guidance.

Speaking of healing (and movement), starting next wednesday I am hosting a board game night that will occur weekly, its a great time to get together, we are talking about having a weekly chess tournament, I am not that good at Chess, but it plays on the attack of masculinity (and God) by the establishment of my past, the only way to grow is through failing until one succeeds. This is also a good chance to play test my card game more, and the plan is to hone it, finish the instruction guide (make correction stickers) and get it really to sell in September. Providing of course society doesn’t collapse under “progressive nihilism”.

My movie script is also brought back into the light… there is a LOT of work to do on that. It shows how years of pot smoking can have an effect on clarity of vision. It’s ok, quite humbling in fact, and as of now I am not too sure on how to sharpen it, but that is where working with others comes into play. As Iron sharpens Iron, and all that. Working with others towards a common goal, can accomplish great things. No one trying to dominate another (that is for board\card games and war) but we are exchanging ideas to create an output we can be proud of. I loved the idea of the writers room, and only though Gods Grace will I get to experience it…. more on this later. I must run, there is much to do, and our days under the sun are precious……. and short.

Thank you for all the years of reading and patience. I pray you have success on your projects and even more importantly, God’s healing Grace be upon you.