The goal being to get rid of a lot of things not needed. Which means a LOT of books. Used to collect them, now that I have Christ and ceaseless prayer, its no longer necessary. Board games too. 2 years ago I cut the collection down by 90%. I only played them with friends, my home collection rarely if ever gets used. There are very few board games I played more than once, so why keep them?

Some of them were gifts, but in a condo, space is limited, very limited. I don’t see the benfit to collecting things which will inevitably collect dust. Books = silverfish, which is a constant hassle, especially when dealing with a bathroom that consistently has high humidity. An ongoing issue that has a temporary fix, but no permanent solution yet…

The great purge continues with equipment that hasn’t been used in pver a year. No time, and the gym being paid for makes up it being given away. No need for money, the Lord provides.
I am not perfect, but removing the old, like fasting is a way to reveal who I am meant to be, who and what Christ needs me to be.