Been very busy these past couple of weeks and months. Doing a lot of reading and service. All fulfilling.
Thank God for the Good Men in my life whom I can depend on and help me ascend towards Christ with each other. I am a sinner, but the idea is repentance, and service to others helps me focus on what is important.

Slowly getting back into studying art. First is creating a habit, then the next step taking online courses on learning the human form. Mastering comes after learning, and as of now I am far away from that, so I choose not to think about it. I will try to post anything I feel is good enough. I am even work on a comic or two. Abandon any storylines and characters and return to the original. I don’t know yet. The desire to continue telling stories with Synthetic Wisdom is leaving me. It was far too difficult, and I would rather stop before I get into any more trouble. Again, I am toying with the idea of ending the comic altogether. I can do whatever I want with it, but does it benefit the Church is the next question? Perhaps there is a way I can do it, but as of now, it is not necessary.

Retail!? may be finished, but I will need to remake the storyline, not too much, just make some major changes and remove some characters and elements that are inappropriate. I may end up selling the game to another company and have them take over the production. I do have more games I would like to develop, but that is far in the future. As for now, I need to focus and take baby steps towards self-improvement. Little victories. Each day at a time. That sort of thing. To help make like more rightly ordered. That is the overall goal, but it cannot happen in one large movement, but on in small steps.

I would like to start painting again. I know what I want to paint, but that is far beyond my skill, and I have to learn the basics of the human form. It won’t happen overnight that I finally understand “art” and light and shadow, but only through applied focus and learning the skill. I don’t have a natural talent for art, I realize that, but learning a skill doesn’t need to have natural talent as a pre-requisite. Some skills, perhaps, but that is not my concern about all things, or anything else that I need not focus on or worry about. As of now, I am terrible at art, but only if I work hard will one day I will not be terrible at art and achieve the goals I want to achieve. To make myself feel better and make the world a better place. Even if it takes 50 years until I finally understand “art” it would be worth the struggle, especially because I can use prayer to help me through the struggle. We shall see though.