Of course, it’s a quick one. I’ve got lot of work to do; and have some family in town which explains why the work isn’t getting done, that shows a lack of discipline. The age of Emotion is coming to an end. That is one of my main goals to work on this year: Discipline. The gym is being talked about, just because it gets me out of the domicile and into an environment with other people. I have many social groups already, but none are focused on peak physical performance. Also, I am hoping that the activity will also promote some healing from an injury. Nothing major, but sadly the mass exodus means that finding a new doctor (covid has turned the medical profession into a political joke, nurses and other professionals don’t want to do it anymore, not because of the memevirus, but because politics and the paid for assassinations. Bleh.

Retail!? I will make sure is done by this week and in the printers hands, then it will be rush to see what gets done first, muh crown, or the printing.

I do know that humanity needs a savior right now, and in time, I will be able to help out a bit more than *just this*. Thanks to Orthodoxy I am making a lot of growth and building a proper foundation, a bit late, but better than never.

There are many changes, and I am happy to be sober and gaining a better understanding of virtue. We can talk more about that in the future, as for now, I must away to the next location(s), so that I may be stronger for you. All in effort to

Remain in Light.


Thank you again for all of your support over the years. This will be a powerful year, where proper Order is restored and the forces of Chaos are btfo. Only in Order can equality and justice thrive alongside proper compassion, none of this forced corporate woke crap that only benefits a handful of people as the rest of us are divide among every possible manner of difference. The world has gone insane, not the people, but the leaders. Same as it ever was.

Remember: Christ is in our midst. I apologize if you do not understand now, but in time, all will be revealed.