Humility is the greatest of all the virtues. It is also the hardest and most difficult to *master* or fully understand. Only a certain sect of humanity can fully realize or embody this virtue, and the rest of (us) must look to these examples as to what humility is: accountability. This is when leaders of men step down when great error is made, and one sees the light to help the world, rather than condemn their small part in it. Generals learn humility only in defeat, a large portion do not realize this until they draw their last breath\take their own life as a sign of respect for the duty of warfare\defense. Honor exists there, but to the civilian class, honor among the war class is something that prevents the GodQueen\Chaos from taking over and utterly ruining what was once strong. Division is the opposite of unity, and diversity is four letter word when a force is fighting the enemies which surround it. The Fall of the United States Military is show an example of the division from the abhoration of Virtues, of Truth, of Love, and of Courage.

This is what happens when “technology” is relied upon for everything. Real adversity and struggles are met with disdain and hatred for those deemed weaker, believing ones own lies that one is greater than all the world because power is temporarily within their hands, but in the form of technology, this is show to be the downfall. The United States Military rejected Courage, rejected Truth, and rejected Love. What replaced it was the most hollow pursuit that humanity could escape to: greed. One seeks to destroy another human being, such as the United States Military and the other Private Mercenaries seek to destroy their own foundation, and consider all those outside of their group as the enemy, or beasts, or goyim, or any other word that feigns superiority. History has shown this to be a great weakness and a sign of cowardice, as alliances are needed with those who also seek to destroy as soon as a vulnerability is found.

Such as the same when the United States Military attacked and destroyed its own government; its own people; its own humanity, all for power that is being borrowed from another. Now, the entire Military, once proud and mighty, despises its own history, and its own soldiers because they wish to be human. This is a common fault when technology is praised and humanity is denied, tyrants and shysters claim safety and security, but they are never assured, as the greatest threat always comes from within. That which destroys its own humanity and goes to war with the Virtues but expect the Virtuous to upon their end of the paycheck and not rebel for either more wealth or to take the throne as soon as enough weakness appears. Internal assassinations and private hit squads develop within large militaries and corporations, within the single party there is always fear that a party member will sacrifice other party members to become the leader. All history is erased, as any mention of a time before the assassination will lead to more assassinations and power grabs.

The end goal of tyranny is ALWAYS the same. To destroy not only the Virtues, but to escape all accountability and sense of humility until one dies peacefully in their sleep, or to live forever, fighting every shadow and shade until the shadows consume them, their own fear and terror becomes their demise. Humans are not fit to hold onto Chaos, and even changing their DNA, looking for that choice mutation will not come to fruition. It is not because of God either, it is because we naturally desire to fight back or resist Chaos. What usually comes out of times like these, are new leaders that hold everyone, including themselves to the Law. Humility can exist in true leaders, but Tyrants only greed, fear, and terror exist. All are enemies except the one who needs enemies to justify their actions and hypocrisies.