Just wanted to say “hi”. Don’t know if I published the comic from yesterday, so I republished it…That is the problem with having open windows. If I didn’t publish it, then this is to make up from yesterday. I had it finished before the 7 o clock dinner hour. I will be in charge of making dinner tonight, so after work, I will have to go down and get some supplies. I should get back to it.

Still laggin’ on Retail!? Haven’t gotten anything solid from any artist yet. I do have another whom I would love to tap for such a challenge. Should be nice and easy too. I’ll find out more info.

After that, I need to get the materials for the startup guide and the “rules”.

Variants and the Single Player Campaigns will be in the next Version, though, this is the Alpha version, any subsequent reprinting might not be the same. There is quite a bit going on here at the office, so much so that it is time for me to depart and do some other work around the office. It never ends.

Thank you all for your love and support. May you and you family and friends be blessed after reading this. May God favor you for faith in him. Thank you!