This has been very productive. I lost the A/C in my office on July 4th, and have not been able to work in the office for long periods of time in the hottest part of the day, which is coming up.

Luckily I had just gotten my Surface back up and running, so I am working without my server on for the most part, it generates too much heat. I need to do a lot of cleaning before the crew arrives tomorrow morning. Tonight I have a lot scheduled.

Good news! Retail!? has just finished its 3rd redesign, and I have gotten everything set up in NanDeck to start printing. I haven’t made the PDFs yet, I will try to build the decks on this Surface, hopefully it can do the job.

The comic will continue this week. Retail is set up so a team can begin polishing it up, all I have to do is print, play, then make the information material printable, then I can talk with the printers.

I can then connect with my friend, give him options, then start collecting art for the portraits. My first run might not even have portraits. I just want the game printed.

Real work, there are things I need to do, that takes precedence and focus Once I have A/C I will want to work out again. That is the worst part about not having a/c, when you work out, you don’t cool down as fast. I am not outside doing PT drills, yet, I need to work up to that. Need to also get my schedule back. In the service industry it’s hard to have a schedule, been doing this for almost seven years now, but the lack of discipline has made it seem like its not even been seven months!

Reading the Chumash is helping, but there are other habits from the past I am trying to rid myself of, not because they are evil or bad, or immoral, just wasting time trying to cope and deal with stress. The stronger you become, the stronger the offspring and next generations will be. It’s a balance, and the goal of life is to maintain a noble heart rather than have all the power in the world, but no soul or humanity to enjoy it.

It’s like winning an election only because the media lied about the opponent and promoted domestic terrorism unless their party was elected. Just like Saddams 100% election victories, all hollow and meaningless because you had to sacrifice all that made you human, all for power that is fleeting.

The Glass Bloods do not like that kind of power.

I am not a Glass Blood, I am a human being. I come in the name of the King, Adonai Echad, but I have my matters of faith to contend with, same with my existentialism. There is something here for you. Dear Reader, I wish you and your family\friends good health and the corrupt government and businesses to step down and beg for forgiveness and find the better way that you and I need to search for, because the government, military, tech, and media\medicine industries don’t want a better way, they want power, at all cost.

We, the people have Love.

They, our overseers, only have fear, terror, and hollow ceremonies as well as mercenary loyalties. When the party cannot pay its own members anymore, it will feast upon itself.

That is not for you or I. I love you, God Loves You; you will overcome. You will be proud of being male or female, being human, and rising up the petty divisions of the past, and the exploitations of the present by the same people that demand that domestic terrorism and legal matters without the law while giving the pharmaceutical industry legal immunity, are the way to keep their party going. They cannot afford it, which is why they have to lie and deceive all the time.

You, live in the Truth, so that we may all

Remain in Light.