I will have todays comic later on in the day. Trying to get a better sleep schedule. It initially worked, I was up at 5 am again. Then I went back to sleep until 8 am. This is my breakfast time, so I should start making something.

Makin’ some great headway with “the game”, 1 more store to go. Then cleaning up and polishing up their lists, and I am looking at around 1000 cards per whole set. A store is about 130 ish. I’ll give an exact number when I am done. I need to do a car wash today as well.

My list of things to do grows, which is a good thing. It’s helping me towards getting back to my book as well. THIS is something I cannot brute force like the game, or editing a script. I also have personal goals I would like to work on myself. Spiritual? Emotional. Intellectual and Physical are great for Self-Care and other Care, but the internal world which comprises also the whole of the Spiritual World, the Kingdom of Heaven is within. Translations of a thing can ruin the meaning, but the Search is always the same. Salvation begins with a choice.

Making that Choice is hard, but it can be done. Time to go do stuff, so that we all

Remain in Light.