Wow, 3 years on this server, continual comics and posts too.

Speaking of comics, friday will be a wash, I will look into making up for it perhaps later today. It depends on how much Retail I get accomplished. All my stores are picked, and I’m finalizing the prototype design.

I will do a reprint this week, and hopefully a 2 man, then 3 man, then 4 man play through. I hope by then I can also get people more talented than myself to take over the min/maxing potential I cannot grasp, yet see only in my minds eye.

I am just the visionary and the one who analyzes systems and information so I can create a view that works for me. A report for others, but fun for those who want fun. I must away to my next location this morning.

May today and this whole week we have nothing but success, love, and we can see all obstacles clearly to avoid\overcome them so that we all

Remain in Light.