I will try not to go so “political” in my strips. Yesterday was.. I think well warranted the little deviation. I like to touch on Tranny and all that Jazz, but to focus so much on such low writing, though I will say the joke is there. It was easy to write.

Low hanging fruit is what the creatives call that. I like certain fruits, that take time to mature after they’ve been plucked from the tree and brought onto the kitchen table, perhaps in a wicker basket or some sort of ceramic serving dish. It’s good to keep fruit available for kids of all ages to snack on. Energy, Fiber, and Healthy too. My fruit comes from a particular tree on a Hill far away. It’s roots are watered, but, a snake lives among the roots.

The snake does not hinder, but it does not help, it protects the roots, yet it offers no actual protection, it merely bites those are close to the tree.

To lure the snake out, so the Owl may have a feast.

Or the Eagle.

Either, the snake must leave to eat, it returns to be protected, but to eat is must leave.

There is a way to call it out.

I should work on more Retail!? I am having issues focusing on work as is, its not that work is tough, just burnt out again. Every 6 months or so, I try to take a least one day off. Two if I am lucky, but I am always one phone call away.

Tell me, dear Readers, would YOU like to me to discuss a topic? Otherwise, you get what you get, and I am forever Grateful to Give it to you, or at least show you, my Conversation with God (Hashem if you got ’em). Thank you again Dear Glorious Reader, I wish you health, energy, strength, Truth, Love, and Courage as together we all Restore the virtues.

I should so a written series on the Virtues here. A great archive for my House of Light stuff. I am also working on trying to force OTHER Spiritual Awakenings as I know many are begging me to do something more than .. this. I understand. Humans are much more than their physical forms, such in a way that I can transcend the past of feeling helpless into a present of doing what needs to be done.

The work is plenty, the laborers are few. Thank you again Dear Readers, together we will a way to Build the (a) City of God! Have a great day, I pray you succeed in all your set out to do, and that you have perfect Health, you and your families and friends and even our enemies so that they may Receive the Love of God and Share it with the world, to help us all

Remain in Light.