I dont like delaying, but I woke up late, around 6, and got distracted several times with other stuff that thankfully isnt onanism. The stuff I wish I didn’t have to write. If only I had more creative friends. It’s not the same over discord, but at the same time, artists are not fans of me, so I hang with non artists and nonCreatives.

This is the work of someone who has been surrounded on all sides and internally by countless individuals who did not support me or my endeavors, that is by no fault their own as they were not Creatives and what I was doing frightened and confused them. So alone I draw and write Synthetic Wisdom for over 11 years now.

I am grateful for this opportunity and Ill try to get a comic up.

I really am in the wrong profession it seems.

Thank you again, I love you all, and I pray you all make millions of dollars, but better than that, you inherit the True Wealth of the Earth, that which cannot be Stolen as long as you

Remain in Light.