I will admit many things, this being one of them.
I am going to now claim there is a meta joke in here that won’t be revealed until months later. That is how these things work, well I tell myself that each time, until it does work, lotta faith involved, a LOT of faith.

Either way, this is a great start for the new year. Saturday and Friday were off days as I was busy attending to other more relaxing and fun things, trying to heal and be healed.

This character appeared in mind after my daily devotional. That took a little longer than usual. That is all good though as they are a fun way to start, and they include an art lesson as a treat! I would like to stream some stuff soon, and perhaps start taking donations for Schwofield to become a media conglomerate and more, Much more.

A public trust if you would. I must go now, I must make a stop before I head on out to play some Clank Legacy. I had to put Retail on hold for now, perhaps I can alter my new schedule to allow it to be produced. I have a group I want to playtest with, so if I can get 2 more unique stores, then I will have 3 out of 5 stores good to go. I hope I can find a good team that will want to make money with this. Or not, either way, I get to make Synthetic Wisdom, hopefully daily!

Gotta go! Good luck and success and may you all
Remain in Light!