This was a long day, and some things happened, so tomorrow I will have a comic at the regular time.

Without feedback of any time, it makes these kinds of decisions much easier. I wish I didn’t have any interruptions of “service”, but the purpose is not to generate money, but to express my self.

I would like this to change in the near future, but that will take some time. As for now, I am doing Video Production for my day job. This is not for any extra income, but so I can help clients out.

Also, this is teaching me about documentation. Document everything.

Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to do this, even if no one knows about it. It’s allright. I can make peace with my self. I have got to go back to work. I just finished my first script, and I am going to start from scratch when it comes to making this video.

It’s allright, it’s just a slide show, and the audio is not going to be great, but it will be what I need to get this done. I need to hurry. I will hopefully have the video released tomorrow.

I have more to do, but I cannot speak about them here, as they are beyond the focus of this site/account. There are so many projects, and without pay, only 1 person to do all the work. It’s ok, that is what life is all about.

Dedication, even if no one else knows or cares.