Im FINALLY at a good point with the Comic where I can continue posting on the regular scheduie. These past two comics were grueling to say the least. I had a few unfinished ones coming up, I am now “behind” or ahead, I will just post what I’ve got, and try to fix the dates later.

This might mean sunday updates or so, I don’t know, or I will just ignore any gaps and post these later. As for now, I am finishing up a story line! 3 more to go. I wanted to do more, but this was hard enough as is. Life does not afford me a lot of time, AND I have deviated.

I picked up a new and better morning habit and 2021 looks like to be a great year for weaning off of medicines that helped me get to this point.

Thank you everyone for all of your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you, also thank you God and thank you, family and friends, and friends I haven’t met yet (strangers). Thank you ME for accepting myself to get to this point. Yes my art and writing could be at Krahulikian masterclass level, but I am not in competition. I am grateful for the “art” I am able to produce, and the space\enerhgy\allowance to do this.

Time to eat, exercise and getting ready for the day! This is going to be a fantastic and maaaagical day. A blessed day, a holy day. A day of light, light, and gaiety, and vision. A day of truth, a day of honor. I would love to write more, but alas I must away.

Haha, sorry, that was too flowery. Thank you all again, and I wish you good health, fortune, and freedom from tyranny in all its forms, even if hides behind the mask of good intentions, as long as well all

Remain in Light.