My work schedule is making me stay up a little later than I wanted, so getting up at 0415 is not as easy. I am still working towards it, I need to take a day off, get rest, then get back to getting as little sleep as possible.

More can get done.

What more? Some works, some doesn’t. I’m always trying to improve, even when I fail, it’s towards improvement, even if I don’t realize that right away, or even for several weeks\months\years.

The fun thing about Understanding is that, like God, it has patience, time waits for no man, but self understanding does, even at the very end, when all questions are known, not to appease the Ego as the Heaven\Hell afterlife crowd need you to believe, but to remember how to leave and return to God, so that we can come back and then again attempt to transform the Darkness into Light.

Why? Boredom.

No, Purpose.