This should have been Fridays comic, but these and I think the next couple need to have a little bit of work done, no dialogue, that is done.

I had to edit this one a bit more in regards to what Vice Admiral Dam and Spinach could discuss at such a critical point in time. Jokes are not my strong point, at least when it comes to Synthetic Wisdom. I do write other places, essays, I hate politics and frauds and conspiracies, bleh!

Back to this world, Retail has slowed down to nothing. Synthetic Wisdom is slowly getting back to snuff with the morning comics. I lost a considerable portion of my buffer, but it’s ok. I need to endeavor to work harder and make another one.

Hopefully tomorrow, work will be better and I get to producing my videos for internal use only. I did lose my main powerhouse machine, but tomorrow, I will have to set it up in my living room and create a design space, as I would like to work on the UI look of the programs, but it might all be for nothing, as a brand new product is being developed, no details, its disheartening, but the technology field changes, and hollywood and reality are two different things.

It’s ok, I hope to have more successes and I pray you all do as well. Thank you readers, even though there are none of you, I pretend there are trillions! It doesn’t matter, all that matters is my Oath to God is kept. I have another Oath, that helps as well. A 2 parter! Wooo!

Good luck everyone, and I pray that we all

Remain in Light.