How can anything other than what is true be known? Why would anyone want to know that which isn’t true? Truth and truth. Two things, related, yet separated by understanding.

I have a lot of work to do, wish me luck. I shall endeavor to write more. Early job tomorrow. Then continue the comic. Still at 2 weeks ahead. I took 3 days off, no more, no more. The compulsion to complete this task must envelope me.

After my first job, I have more, but the comic can be snuck in. Especially with a renewed vigor. So far Greek is winning over Hebrew, it is not a conflict such that there is a winner, but Order is established, and Chaos has a body with no head.

I started a painting. So many projects. A church I want to begin. A Synthetic Wisdom comic. Work projects. I must away my beloved and dear readers. Thank you for the support for all these years. Also my mistakes which are numerous. I think God for you; I thank you for your Patience and Support; I also thank myself for allowing myself to grow. There are too many influences, I consider them myself, for needed the support to get this far.

There are so many battles occuring at once. Once can live forever as long as one wishes to

Remain in Light.

I love you!