Wow, I’ve been kind of busy these past few weeks, and the comic is till strange enough still 2 weeks ahead, there is a little housekeeping that needs to be done. I am finished with my initial pre-publish run, and must now make better schedules to deal with hopefully a better system of designing these things.

I am also doing some Art practice and shall endeavor to pick up a new Sketchbook today when I am on my errands. I am about 20 or so pages away. This one took about 6 months to complete. Before the forced cultural change to reinforce control and dominion. Not here though. Here things get interesting.

Very interesting. I met someone who needed to be healed, and thus I stumbled for a bit, but it was a lateral move so I could finally reach different plateaus needed for growth. It was a minor lapse in morality to say the least, but the reward is a lot of growth and laughter and love. My focus remains resolute still, to work on the comic, and now try to establish a Church. Filled with Virtues, Recovery, Truth, Strength, and Love.

All of the Good things do I want, and the bad things mitigated and compartmentalized. I like Schwofield and will do more. My day job is now recommending I start producing videos. These are for internal use only, but there will be some forward\client facing content.

Also, I am going to start blogging and communicating for the other job as well, but it’s pretty need as I now have an outlet for politics\faith, work, and creativity.

Speaking of which, Tomatoes require A LOT of water. I need a better system, MUCH better system to water them, the old watering can is crap, but this was an intial setup, not much planning was done. I have more tomatoes on the way, so, I will have to plan accordingly. The age of soil is coming to a close, and the age of Hydroponics is rising to the challenge. The problem then becomes one of engineering…

I should have help on that. I must go.

I pray Good Luck and Love are with you all, and that you always

Remain in Light.