I’ve noticed my handwriting has gotten pretty bad lately.  I’m still nursing an injury which makes writing by hand uncomfortable.  That and I don’t have a good position to write.  Some changes need to be made.  Getting my health back is tantamount.  What happened?  I impinged a nerve, and perhaps had some organ damage.   After that I got minor food poisoning. Oh, it was not a good couple of months.  I’ve spent quite of money trying to repair myself, and enlisted a lot of help from friends.  The result is a new diet of no wheat, cheese, or sugar.  Sugar was the easiest to cut out as I did that a while ago.  Life without sugar is amazing!  My mind and emotions feel like they are much easier to control.

Fruit tastes sweeter, too!  I have never had a fresh cranberry until this year, and now I have handfuls with every meal.  Delicious.  I’ve always liked tart things, so this was a no brainer.

No more wheat and cheese.  Invisalign has killed a lot of my desire for different foods, as well as any useless snacking, so now the new goal is try to get the most nutricious and fiber packed meal possible.  Potatoes for starch, and brown rice for the fiber.  Salad greens are mixed with everything.  I used to laugh at the idea of the KFC bowl, and now with I make my own mashup of salad and entree combined.  My desert is cranberries.

The new goal is to incorporate more vegetables, my area doesn’t have much diversity when it comes to the greens, so I do what I can when I can.  Of course as the same time I’ve been eating more ginger and tumeric, I just wish the other health items weren’t so expensive.  Since work won’t be able to pay me more, the only logical move is to work on side projects.

Phase 1.2 of the scripts is at the 45% mark.  It has stalled, since I cannot drink beer and eat at the local taphouse (not in my diet), and I only drink one glass of Merlot with my meal to for health.  I had two glasses at a KeyForge party at Durocs, and that pushed some limits that I don’t to push, thankfully I left 5 hours after I had my drinks so I was sober.  I don’t like that drunk feeling any more, I’m not a kid.

The script was stalled because of my injury and trying to get as much rest as possible.  In the meantime I got some strips up.  I will endeavor to do more, as I know you would appreciate a better schedule.  The strips take away my creative energy for my essays which I have had to hold up on because of the internal stress they were causing me.  They are not ignored entirely, but since my sources are being compromised and silenced, this means I have to rely on more intuition to compose them, and my intuition is very taxing on me during this time.

I really do need to finish this script before the end of the year and get it in the hands of the producer(s), so I can begin the next phase, of collecting the people and getting ready for where this will take me.  In the real world, I am also shifting gears at work and learning a new product, which means my current clients will have a better future.  I would like to run the business and the get my creative works done at the same time, which is great from the producers because that means I won’t need to paid a lot of money.   The voice actors and writers are easy to obtain, and it looks like I will have to direct it, as the director I wanted won’t be able to fulfill writing\acting and directing as well his other duties.

I do have one person in mind for a very crucial position, but I cannot make an offer yet without my producers approval.  This person involves the second greatest leap of faith after my self.  I do believe that I can get the entire movie done in about a years time, so with any luck Christmas of next year will be my release date.  I’ll even take a Spring release of 2020 if it comes to it, but there is so much to do, and I have to keep doing all of this by myself.  It’s been like this for so many decades.  The area in which I live does not have many creatives that want to work with a philosopher such as my self.  I’m a dick, I know it.  I try to be nice when I can, but I’m not used to working with people, and I’ve never really worked with a group of people on a creative project since high school and before that, which was nearly 18 years ago.  I’m an old man.  I hope not too old for Love.  Which is the principle behind this project.

So much information to share, and so little time.  I cannot give too much or the audience will be overwhelmed.  It’s all about limits and boundaries and accepting them.  It sucks, I feel so very alone in my creative endeavors.  I hope it doesn’t stay like this as I allowed myself to become easily discouraged.  That’s why I have to make new changes both in diet and exercise, as well in processes that lead towards my greatest adversary: self discipline.  If I could ask the archangel Gabriel for one thing, it would be to help me with a much greater self discipline so I can finally complete my goals.

In the meantime, I will try to get you more comics, and hopefully at some point, get that “script” finished.  I have so many projects that I am overwhelmed by them.   The solution: Project Management.