What is a man?  A human, what are the rules entirely of how a man should operate?  What principles, what vices are necessary to fulfill the human experience.  The skin protects the organs, and the organs are focused on keeping the body alive.  Man has lost the will to fight back, but every path to resistance has been examined and run through,  what can a man do except limit his speech?  To protect the body, the skin isn’t enough, it is the seat of the will that protects man from threats both real and existential.  Which is greater?  Depending on the governing bodies of forces of the existential it would always be the latter since man is now enlightened to his own fate.  His invisible shackles of the social contract.  He willingly asks for more locks and chains, and more burdened upon him, and any questions are met with arrogance and dismissal in a land with at least one no accountability factor.

In regards to creating projects and things I like, it feels good to create, and I hope to keep this pace up.  I always talk about my target goal, and I think i’m at the point where I start to like what I’m doing.  Is there need for improvement?  Oh yeah!  I’ll improve what I can, whenst I can.  Tablets like my Surface have drastically improved the ease of creating, but I did fall into a good route those years I was simply just ‘scanning’ it in.  Thank you for reading this and if anyones still following along with meh madness, I mean update schedule and essays and such.

I’ll find a way to upload my archives onto this site as well as another backup.  I’ve hit the hundred mark while a go, and I’m actually kind of happy this happened I lost the database.  I wanted Sans Merit to disappear for a while.  Add it later.  The next goal is a thousand, and at my current pace its doable in less than three years.  I would like to see what the thousandth strip would look like, will I be FINALLY free from the same perspective nearly all the time?  Why are they always walking?  It is healthy for the mind and body.  That’s why the Synth Wis crew are always talkin’.  I used to take a lot more risks, but not yet, i’m not ready.

I’m ready to start accepting my topic for essays.  I like writing these posts when I get inspired to, I’ll try to retain their focus to Schwofield stuff.  In a webcomic I will see the art first and the writing second, but the ones I’ve been exposed to are all post Penny Arcade.   Mike set many standards for what a web comic should be.  I don’t want to have to atone for my sins of not drawing when I should, so lets look to a future of hard works completed, good luck and success to all of your projects.  May you always remain in Light.