Yes, yes, the previous site was lost last year, or early this year.  I should be bummed, but I have my strips, both the good ones and the bad ones (pause for laughter).  This is very charged time right now, lots of energy, mistakes at work, yet some successes as well.  Some spectacular failures, maybe I’m in the wrong job, or maybe I just need to focus.  I do have hope that a new product will come along that I can sell, not here, but for my real job.

Mr. G illmore is coming over to discuss a project.  I’m sure we can make it happen.  I have a good idea about the overall story and what I want to accomplish, with his help we can write it down in the right order of words, then the fun part, seeking out a way to pay for it.  After that, we produce it.

What is this mystery project?  I will let you know later, I am terrible at keeping secrets.  This is why I never went into the private or government sector, I abhor secrets, I always felt ability can overcome deception.  That’s being test as we speak.

I’m almost done with the next strip, and then soon comes another.  The Surface does make it much easier draw muh stripz, that doesn’t mean they are getting better. If you want that, then I need to produce more.  As a generation X\Millennial being disaffected and emotionally dead is a way of life.  It stunts a lot of growth, but there is only way to improve this.

I’ll try to write more later.  Good luck and success with all of your projects, and always, ALWAYS remain in Light.


-Ahavat Olam