There’s been a bit happening over here at Schwofield Central. I have beaten the End Dragon and with the help of our Blaklafter a Wither Boss as well. Gaylord stayed behind and manned the reactor as horrific sounds could be heard in the distance. Blak gave his life at the very end, the monsters focus allowed me to finish him off with the last of my needlegun ammo with a few throwing daggers made of slime.

The adventures aren’t over, as the whole twilight less one Naga has yet to be conquered by modern man. Magics haven’t been researched, only a slight dabble into Botania. Infinity still has some good uses, but as for now I’ve got 2 turbines to fully tax with more machines that I want to build. Meanwhile Gaylord has successfully connected two villages with rail, so new players have two far points to extend from, or if they should choose, stay in the cities and make a name for himself as its ruler. Too bad there is much control you have over villagers, but some of them cold provide useful for your cause, possibly even as a vampire king who preys on his villagers for power, through their blood. That would be cool to set up.

Speaking of possibilities, thanks to the internet I found a local DnD Group. We have a mage called Masamune, two halflings an archer and a thief. There’s also a human paladin involved as well, so not a bad adventuring party. I can’t wait to see what adventures befall us, and all the times I have to exhaust my healing capabilities to keep my friends alive. 5th edition seems a lot easier to use than 3rd or 4th, bother of which I have very little experience. Since I first heard of Dungeons and Dragons I’ve always wanted to play, but have had very little opportunities. A group us played some werewolf a few times and that was fun and all. Part of me just wanted to be a dwarf, no ‘actively’ be in the world where dwarves, elves, and dragons (and other things too) exist, and now it seems I found it.

It was as a revitalizing experience and I was able to do more sketchbook work, and eventually get this us. I don’t like making promises, but for non sketchbookery I think I’m going to do some four panel work outside of my sbook. So we’ll see what happens in the future, together. Good luck with all of your projects!


“Heal, Heal from a safe disease”