I’m doing quite well recovering from my surgery, the steri-strips are actually more annoying at this point, and any pain I once felt from the incision is long gone.  The bruising is disappearing, and underneath it all is still a very tender area, a little swollen, but I feel much more confident in my recovery.  At the end of the month I plan on going back to the  gym and working out, a necessity for many reasons.  I used to be a person who was “strong of the mind”, but I let my physical self go, thinking it was separate, when in fact it holds a deep connection to my emotional state.  Or as someone would call it, the combination of the physical and the intellectual states.  These three things, when combined create my spiritual state.


I like to divorce the spiritual nature of life from angels and demons, and simply put it in terms of light and darkness.  Why?  To ease the confusion.  The Catholic faith, which as from the Man who created it wanted it to be as simple as possible, yet somehow after his death, it became this confusing world, a battlefield between the flesh and everything else.  It all had to be a sacrifice for that which created it.  What about the sacrifice for its own sake?  It’s own happiness, it’s own resolution?  I like to be a generous host as much as the next guy, but I had lost my self in the process.  This would be when meditation would come into play, to help me regain my sense of self, and sense of purpose.  During these times, and certainly because of my surgery I had to divorce myself from what Christos meant in relation to my own life.  It’s a title that I may or may not be eligible for.  I thought of it as the ultimate goal of the philosopher.  The first goal was to know thy self.  Because in knowing yourself you can make a firm declaration in your deeds.  The second would have been to know that others exist, and to seek out that connection with your the other.  This is how one embraces the bad with the good, and how one can answer the age old question, why do good things happen to bad people?

Evil or bad doesn’t, nor has it ever existed.  It exists only as confusion, and in investigation my own confusion I can tell you that every one is different, and that their own confusion is layer upon layer of regret and things that one refuses to look at.  Without confusion you would be happy all the time and have no desire at all to do anything.  When you find yourself unhappy, you must  try to find the source of this unhappiness and more often then naught this source is the only source of all your perceptions.  When it comes to war zones and the like, know that the source of that comes from a much greater power, but it can and still be resisted by nutrition and education.   You feed the body and the mind, nourishing them both, and fulfilling the spirit so that humanity as a whole can move on.

What prevents it?  The same source that makes communism unable to work, or the same source that causes inequality.  So many different voices all vying for a power they cannot and will not have because they do not understand their own power.  Power is a thing that is separate from will, power feeds the will to do anything.  Power comes from within, and for many of us that power is pure, for others, that power has been corrupted and co-opted by forces that claim to be greater than that which created it.  This power usurps and strives for imbalance, it creates chaos.  This chaotic nature is then molded as best as possible into a workable order that gives this power the focus is needs to reign.

This difference is debate within between religion and faith.  One is the institution curated by those who seek to control others, and the latter is that power that the individual has to try to understand themselves and their environment.  Oftentimes major religions such as my beloved Catholicism strives to tell others how live their lives and tell them what the world is rather than being an aide and help enlighten the confusion, it obfuscates the Truth by placing man made rules between them and that which created them.  Rules that were given to some, and forced upon all.  What about any of the christian churches or any of the religious zealots is  universal?  Which of them strives to become universal? Mankind at one point wanted to become one with its environment, but that is now condemned as evil.  Churches love to create evil, yet they avoid creating Love and Understanding because it’s either easier, or more likely, because it keeps them in power.

This is why you cannot tell others what to do, if they seek your guidance, tell them to find their own way, and tell them what helped with you, but let them seek their own path to their own Creator, which strange enough is the same force that created each of our individual selves.  The like-minded work well together, but those who create strife, cannot work well, and thus create confusion.  They want others to be as unhappy as they are.  More on this, and more, later.

Thank you for reading this, and as always good luck on your projects.