According to my schedule, Thursdays and Sundays will become erratic for posting hours, as those days are given to a higher council for delegation, mostly relaxation I guess. I want to change that as well and spend more off time doing this. Speaking of which I did some cheating and sketched ahead in the story line and woweeee it looks doable, this is a first. What’s next an animated series? In all actuality I want my first to be Sans Merit, it reminds me of looney tunes. I miss that comic, and have only a few that the wayback machine could keep, the rest are lost, lost forever.


I haven’t been as prolific writing as much as I could, but an extension cord could fix that, so I can hang out and create. Time management is my foe, not my friend, which is why I had to downgrade my operation to better suit my skill. So far whenever I used my wacom it feels like I don’t have the art skill level, so I get a bunch of negative modifiers and and of course any mental chatter is exacerbated. It doesn’t help I was also forcing meself to learn elements, let alone that giant Photoshop which looks to me like every roller coaster at once, and elements represents the ones I’ve been on. I would rather learn the shop than ride a roller coaster at this point in my life, not because of fear, but because of use of time and diligence and all that.


“It burns for a moment but then it numbs you”