Has arrived.

The first deck I opened I did see some art mistakes, but thats ok, the game will still be fine. I figured that there would be some mistakes, I created the game from nothing by myself, the art, the words, the engine is being tweaked by Duroc and myself and others.

I have never been good at finishing things, getting *THIS* far however is quite an accomplishment.

I will do a kickstarter or equivalent when the engine is at peak performance. Which is getting close. Wednesday night we are going to test out a 4 player game. At this point, I am rethinking 5+ players, I hope I can do that somehow, but as much fun as a 10 player game would be, its also quite time consuming and in these times, its very hard to accomplish, especially if you live in the more “socialist” areas that do not allow large congregations because they cannot escape their party, it’s sad, and we pray that things get better for all of us.

Also, when the game is nearing the kickstarted stage, my goal is to get the game translated into: Spanish. The next grouping is Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, and Greek. Possibly the next grouping is Romanian, Russian, French, and Hebrew. There is no real order in the translation or the groupings, more will come depending on who I can get in touch with. Italian and German would be great as well. If I can get ahold of certain people, I would also like a Japanese version too.

More on all that later, I would love to do them myself, but I am sure you would rather a more native speaker does them, and someone doesn’t rely on google translate. I wonder if I can get the Chinese government to finance the translation…. im just kidding, it would be a neat thing, but at the same time I do not trust the translation.

Also, there is a plan to create a Table Top Simulator version of the game, and that will be when the scripting is done. Translating THAT will take a lot more

As someone who has only been creating digitally, even as flawed as they are (of all the sinners, I am the greatest, please forgive me) even with these art mistakes, its such a great feeling, this game has been in development for nearly 10 years now. My script is even longer, and depending on things I would love to get that made into a movie as well. I am very grateful for my friends, business partners, and my faith (Our Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit) which has brought me to this point.

Thank you, dear reader(s) for being with me on this journey.

A lot of this could not have been done also without cutting out pornography and onanism from my life. Such a destructive habit, it was designed to destroy man’s creative energy and to drain his life force so that he does not create, and that he does not fight back against the system.

Globalism cannot survive without pornography and the enslavement of all those who are trapped by their own pleasures (Hedonism). Self-discipline is a virtue that leads to greater things, and a better understanding of the world, as well as the helping to lay the foundation of a real Faith in the One that Created All Things. A lot of the destructive political groups rely on propaganda of self-destruction so that a small amount of people benefits, and the rest of humanity is enslaved to those people.

Thank you all, there is A LOT more to go, and many projects to work on. I pray that humanity is freed from pornography, and that freedom entails. I do have a comic I need to finish and put up. I don’t know when I will be able to at this moment, very busy behind the scenes here. The Harvest is indeed plenty, and the labors are few, and the days are being shortened.

I pray for us all so that humanity may forever

Remain in Light.