Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide you this comic and this “blog”. I thank God for the ability and wherewithal to strive towards my goal(s). I am also incredible grateful for my defenders and protectors both invisible and visible. I thank God for the US Constitution, and pray to save us all from the evil one(s), who are make up pandemics and lies for profit and other selfish worldly matters, who attack the US Constitution and humanity so their political party\group can benefit while trying to enslave and silence humanity. Those that are doing so, know not what they do. Marxists and the likes are not mentally or spiritually well, they have been abused since birth and the media which is also run by those who have been abused and broken, believe it is their time to hurt as many people as possible so everyone feels their pain. This is why its important to hold firm and pray for all of us to be delivered from the “King of the Earth, which is unseen, yet enslaves through pain and destruction. So many politicians who try to use the government to hurt and kill others for their own profit (Covid) are doing so, because they only know pain, destruction and abuse. There is no equality unless we all suffer and they appear to suffer the least, but no matter how much chaos they promote, no matter how much humanity they try to strip away, they will never be free from their own suffering and pain. They are miserable, alone, and refuse to see Christ, they do not want to be healed inasmuch they have no idea what Love and Healing (Compassion) is. They know what the words mean, but they do not understand what they are saying.

I am still about 3 days behind in my sketchbook to “this”. I see what I need to improve upon, and will try to make room for it. Real life demands my focus; then there is Retail!? I wanted to get it done before Christmas, but it’s ok. I do need to set goals, but technically this would be 3 jobs, and 1 is the most pressing, the comics being 2nd, and the 3rd being Retail!?. I also am trying to purchase some real estate as well. So life has a lot going on. I am praying for this purchase to be successful. There is a lot of work to do.

There is also the movie script I would like to hand off to some editor(s) and have them make it “worthy”. I stand behind a lot of it, but it needs more eyes to see it and provide feedback. I toned down the language quite a bit, but the message is strong.

How are you doing? I pray that things improve in your soul, body, household, land, and principality. We are all being tested to a degree never before seen by humanity, and those that survive will be stronger than we have ever known. We pray to God for deliverance, but we also seek healing above all. There is no justice without healing. There is no humanity without healing. There is no true profit without humanity and compassion, there exists only chaos, deception, evil, and pain. The more the politicians and businessmen suffer on the inside, the more they make other suffer to feel as bad as they do.

If we pray for strength to endure, then we show them the power of Christ. The true power of humanity and its gifts, and by example how to resist the evil one. By ignoring their unjust laws, rules, and societal tortures, yet trying also to provide the world the Light of God and Truth(Understanding), and by showing each other kindness, and even those that suffer kindness, we make them incensed and they begin falling apart.

There are some “things” I cannot write about now. It is not time, nor am I given the words to you. All I can do is pray for healing. I need healing, you need healing, society NEEDs healing. What is society but a collection of individuals. If only they knew Christ instead of rejecting him, but who among us is perfect? We strive for healing and perfection and a true community in the Spirit of Christ can provide more healing than all of the idea of medicine. There is a benefit to some medicine, but the majority of infirmity in the world is nor physical. It is Spiritual.

I pray for us all be delivered from the evil one(s) so that we, humanity, can

Remain in Light.