I did not get a chance to work on Retail!? this weekend. I thank God for another great opportunity to make this comic, and share this with you.

There are fantastic opportunities ahead of us.

Help us to seek a community, especially myself, who is missing a community, I am not perfect, never will I make that claim. I, like Spinach have been searching for Christ, but alone I cannot find it. There are talks and other discussions about liberation of the old ways, the pleasure seeking ways. It has been said that the days of luke warm Christianity are over, and indeed that is true.

What is this space? It’s a place for me to be free to discuss my growth, the comic isn’t like other comics, and I will endeavor to get better and learn more, but I do not have the time sadly to improve in the ways. Already it is work time. Time to focus on more logical things, to help those who come to me. I am very grateful to begin my day with exercise, prayers, and a comic. No time for food yet. Need to go out and purchase some food.

This week I plan on making cookies for various people and perhaps a Challah for a Christmas party. I do not focus on my art like I should, I try to study the Icons when I have a moment, and I am too busy listening to lectures on Orthodoxy, well sneaking them in, so they help me to do better work for my real job. Retail!? comes 2nd in the day, and after the work.

I am trying to provide an example of someone who stumbles and transgresses but gets back up. I do feel the weight of the anti-male and anti-white and anti-freedom propaganda that occurs. Humanity is under attack, and it is fighting back. Empires are crumbling and being sold out, but the human desire for freedom is much too great. Tyrants will subjugate us, kill us, silence us, all to protect themselves. Their souls are doomed to be tortured when they leave their bodies, that is why they try to live forever. Those they kill and silence will be welcomed into the next thing. Humility is needed.

Also, I am doing great in overcoming an addiction to pornography, a classic malady in the West. Lots of human trafficking and suffering that is deemed acceptable so we the people do not focus on who and what creates it.
Sloth is the next one. Lots of sloth, the exercise, prayers and comic are a good way to build self-discipline. That is what tyrants do not want. They do not want the subjects to resist their evil traps, or to build themselves up, and to seek a community in Christ. They only want allowed communities based on hatred of another and hatred of the self so that a pill or injection or procedure will fix what they want to be continually broken.

Social Media sites promote hatred and division based entirely on the people not finding out how bad their executives and publishers really are. How terrible and awful they are to other human beings. They are a disgrace to humanity and an example of evil that shows the rest of us, what not to do, and who not to follow. Everything the Social Media and Tech Companies has been proven to be incorrect and a ploy to enrich themselves while making sure there exists no freedom and no movement unless they allow it. They are sad and despicable. They are enslaved to the evil one, which they cannot see, but they worship and follow because the evil one gives them temporary and fleeting\vain pursuits of pleasure.

Their pleasure comes at the expense of everyone else, and that is why their souls are suffering the most. They believe themselves to be perfect, to be God, to be everything they are not. They believe their wealth will protect them, but they are dealing with something that is older than the Earth itself. Older than the current Cosmos.

They have attempted to wake up an old, evil “god” thing, for power and control, but there exists no preparation to receive one small iota of what is being delivered unto them. It will not protect them, it will not grant them any additional powers. It seems them as the lipids that protect a bacteria, even smaller than that. It is not time to be woken up and to fight the Light, so it will destroy them.

They should have sought after a God of the Living, everlasting Light and Life, instead of worshiping that which they cannot know. Their heads and hearts will explode a terriffic rate, and there is nothing they can do at this time to prepare for such a “gift”.

That is not my God, but its whispers echo throughout the cosmos.

Thank you all, I pray we have a great day, and all of the covid, terrorism, and election fraud is brought to light, so humanity can be free once again.

I pray you all see that Christ is truly in our midst so that we may all
Remain in Light.