Schwofield is a blend of two names, from two individuals in SouthWest Florida.

Synthetic Wisdom is about the life surrounding Spinach and his friends, as they explore the world; themselves.  It all started with Spinach and Clint, who appeared in its first strip back in 2011.  The strip then staggered through the years like an inebriated college drop out through his years of further disillusionment of the system.

Since then it has finally arrived in in a Monday and Tuesday update schedule with plans for more.  The blog isn’t tied into the strip although at times they express opinions based upon the similar theme, as it focuses solely on Truth and the continuing the exploration thereof with the Creator of the comic.

Sans Merit was a comic made back in early two thousands by the same creator.  It’s nostalgic filler, but also proof that its creator has been making comics since two thousand three.  They aren’t very good comics, but, they are made, and here they are.

Enjoy; and good luck and success with your endeavors.