Even though I love the Truth and Justice more than anything else, that doesn’t mean I have to clash unnecessarily to help where I find my self.  Why do I hang out at temples and churches?  The answer to this should be called faith, but I am afraid of every man who does not want to keep order in the country that hosts them.  Such as there is one that hosts another, so too does ones land transcend that of ones home, but in the very idea of a society in which Justice can exist, but only if the people want it.

For writing my first and only (finished) book, I researched the conspiracy theories at first for creativity, but later on, my path would reveal that all around exists metaphors of our own existence.  Why is this important?  Because being in the moment and realizing that no one has any actual power over you, unless you are in physical situations of course.  But to even look at reasoning why altercations exist is because somebody wanted those altercations to exist in order to imprison as many members of the citizens as possible.

There exists for profit prisions that lobby for more laws, because as a brewer buys and trades in spirits, or a builder wants more and better materials in order to make more money, so too must all organizations exist to keep itself alive.

If you willfully imprison a people and keep them in a state of violence of a period of time, any internal strife and aggression is now kept solely at the local level.

Why?  Because the purpose is to lock an area or a people inside of a downward spiral is to make money, and currently we live in a world where you need money to survive.

While we investigate and bring to justice the ruling families, and the ones actually responsible for any and all events, because to make money off the misery and imprisonment of a people probably fits one of the worst descriptions of evil that could befall humanity.

No holy place in this crown jewel of New Babylon (Banker-Globalism aka Shadow Government) would dare mention any truth or facts or mention of an investigation of even ask for Justice, not for the organizations sake, but for the host country.  Those that want to live here and not in another place,  not only want the truth and those responsible dealt with, but left to create their own culture and society out of the love of being in their city.

It has been said that those with no fathers or worse bad fathers must to the heavenly Father to replace the communication, time; and direction lost.  For those that are imprisoned or taken from loved ones, families, cities, state, and even all humanity suffers when one is taken because of the will of another among us.

Humans betraying one another may be as old as humanity, but that understanding can never actually fill the void left from an actual living human being.  All men are equal.

Their level of understanding is not; rather than trying to elevate all of us correctly, it seems that in my host country, there has been a concentrated assault on a generation of its own citizens by those who pass legislation in favor of those that make money off of imprisoning people for money.

There is a reason why some aspects of our immediate local society must be paid by the community thought any medium necessary to keep itself alive.  This is security and protection from all outside forces.

The Old Testament compares people to trees.  Trees remind me reverse humans thanks to Richard Feynman, he said that trees grow from the air, and not from the ground because of how it attains large amounts of carbon with waste oxygen using the sun as the energy needed to do such as thing as photosynthesis.  The light in this sense is interesting only in the fact that it provides the heating function for it to draw in as much carbon as it can during the day.

The carbon is used for possibly every process necessary for the tree to function.  Creating or binding the chemicals that are drawn up from the waste products of the microbes, bacteria, and fungi of the soil.  The earth would be like the giant intestinal tract of the arboursphere, or is it florasphere.  Either way, there was a paper that was published not too long ago about Trees being connected by a large network of fungi.  Fungi was also to have been found to be a natural marking material for insects in the soil.  Like a message board.

Its creepy to think that the very land itself could be a collective consciousness of fungi, microbes, and bacteria, or whatever the before creatures that survived to this day.

According to Rabe, Rabbis, Mystics, and perhaps some quantum theorists, every particle would be the same thing because it exists(Ask a person who loves maths which number is the greatest).  Each thing demands its own area of study, for there will always be someone who will want to study it and understand it.  Maybe not that second part, but this is to show humanity that if we take care of the host country, and even the land, we can reap the rewards in the way we want.

We, in this host country are told that without our king our country and world would devolve into chaos, much like the people I mentioned being the subject of intense attack, and remember that they were citizens who liked this country more than any other, until they were tortured over generations to hate it.

What credibility would exist in those that tortured their fellow citizen (no matter the reason, in this case for simply existing, like the Jews(which is their party line))?  What credibility would exist in those that allowed or did not stop, or attempt to stop at any time those that profit from the misery of their fellow citizen.

If a man sells a deadly a poison inject in an apple, would not the response to be to remove that person from its current disposition?  To save ones own life, or a loved ones?  How many of us would give anything to bring back a loved one who died because of the actions of a merchant who profits from death.

Since the grave is never full, so is the corruption of those with absolute power. Wealth does not guaranteed Dominion, but longevity of rule is the the key to everlasting life.

The individual is only as powerful as he actually is, which is why I work out and eat healthy, as well as study as many things as I can, and do what I do.  The idea of a thing, is the path to immortality if an accurate as possible record of events has occurred.

ANY ABBERATION of deception of an event, or ANY attempt to cover up falls under the jurisdiction of the ones military.  When one lies and tries to hide it on one thing, no matter how trivial, the whole fabric starts from that event, such as one lawmaker must protect a businessmen who in turn protects the lawmaker, because now they both share a common interest in attacking the integrity of the state.

When any politician on any level has made any attempt to cover up any action, no matter how minor, they have become an enemy of the state as an active existential combatant.

My future king at present looks to be on deaths door, but as far the power given, it is not by the citizens of the host country, but it is by those that profit from the chaos caused by the imprisoned and misery of its own and other citizens.

Immigration was also used as an existential weapon against the citizens, as destabilized nations (at the behest of my host countrys shadow government) were more or less forced to come here for a better opportunity, but became imprisoned at attacked for several generations to keep the wages of the workers as low as possible.

This proof is the true damage caused by my host countries shadow government that funneled as much money as possible from the people in order to fund the next phase of law makers who would become one with the merchants who profit from the death and misery of its own citizens and other countries citizens as well, even those who supported such a shadowry government.

If our elected officials were given the power to send our soldiers to war, and then our elected officials passed bills written by private companies and special interests by those that neither pay taxes, nor fair wages to the citizens of the host country, nor pay back loans or judgements owed to the citizens and humanity.  This is the existential assault on the citizenry that give rise to Chaos.

How do you stop them?  If every city was able to write its own laws, then those that refuse to honor their host country by not only respecting the citizens and protectors of the host nation would be removed to where they truly want to be.  There is no reason to kill a man because you do not agree with him, there are like minded areas that he can go, and you should make every effort to move him there.  Its cheaper to relocate a person so they can be productive, then remove them from society so much they don’t know how to live in ones who host country any more.


Ugh, this is long and there is more I wanted to say, but its getting late, and that happy day when my host country, America will free itself from the shadow government, and then the people can begin Tikkun Olam.