There we go.  I have some research to do for work tomorrow morning, so I wanted to make sure tomorrows comic was good to go.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and its eerie that tomorrow mornings comic content reflects a very powerful personal message that was also eerily made true last Shabbat.   Judaism fascinates me for personal real, and what I found within the collective entity of such a thing is nothing short of miraculous.  All the Ups and Downs of a people have been studied for lets say two thousand year.

We, the readers and protectors of such things as Truth and Order, must realize that this burden, like all burdens carries with it a sense of self reflected Justice, back then and even known as it looks like another event is going to happen to my people, but its difficult to argue you against such a thing based on what I’ve learned about modern times.

That a power, once attained, has corrupted a portion of our people, (also all men and their own groups, we are all the same).  Judaism is not just a “Social Contract”, but the discussion about such a thing transcends any other truth handed to humanity.  There was, and in some places, I like to call perceived sanctuaries, where there is a discussion, both on the old and on the new.  Why?  To prove that there was nothing new under the sun, and how a person can forget things like their own free will, can lead to disastrous consequences, both for the person involved, and if anyone is the cause of that forgetfulness, or one who occupies the “Amalek” portion.

I may be more inclined to lead to the God of the Hebrews because I like the way it feels inside of me.  I do the same thing with Judaism that I did before I had a dream of my “conversion” if such a thing even exists.  Either you are something, or you are not.  The individual is the one qualified to decide their entire system of belief, be it mathematics in the pursuit of logic; or some derivation of it.

Listening to chemists, quantum physicists, astrologers, and a geologist beekeeper selected to goto Mars talk about what fascinates them.  Why Astrology?  Well it has been around for quite along time, and its another group of people who study patterns for the sake of understanding.  Even though I am not a soldier, I do respect the “Right Hand” of God aspect.  Those that protect at all costs.  A life fully sacrificed for defense and combat.  Such as acids and liquors and be distilled to become more powerful, they are the messengers of Justice.   Honor would demand that they shed blood only for this matter, and not have any personal judgement beyond this.  This is also the core of their duty: to protect the class that offers, not the just any truth, but the Truth of Truth.

This Judgement can lead to corruption, but if honor and duty transcends blood, and this is a very treacherous act for such a group, it would be reserved for only a council of warriors that are small in number, but great in say.  The rest of the organization depends on the same force multiplayer of the peoples ability to understand physics, as those who are not in the military.

This group must be the slowest to change, but their focus has to find a way to remain, even if they face their very own extinction.  At that point, any force that goes against this group, would not remain on this planet for very much longer, as the power of this honor of war, which “God” seems to have granted us, is one of the best parts of Moshe, or Moses, forming a new government in the desert with a group of people wandering around.

God didn’t need to help Moses.  Once alone, the Man dwelt on the issue of this holy skype moment of what freedom was.  The burning bush didn’t need to be a physical thing either.  His mind free to conjure such a powerful image (metaphor).  The people were the bush.

Moses didn’t live to see the promised land, so his vision of the bush burning, showed a small single “tree”.  Moses became that fire as he forced the people to wander, maybe for his own pleasure, it doesn’t matter the reason, it happened, and while they were wandering, this new government was essentially in a vacuum.

Sadly, the story becomes much more confusing and to a point completely unreliable to most, but very lovely; not just to myself, but to a group of people who decide that this story is worth it for them.  Each group of humanity has the right to exist, but when ones rights encroach upon another, well, there is a point where this can not happen any more (that groups rule of law paradigm has collapsed) and something disastrous happens.

This is the stripe.  The lesson.  Judaism has it as well, this has been recorded, and each time they were ruined or scattered is because they have forgot not just our First Commandment, but that Man’s most personal connection to God (level of sharing included), is a priori.  I use this as my choice to move mine to realize that each moment I am alive and breathing is a gift.  No matter how crazy I seem, or how much time, thought, and action synchronize , but its because I am allowed to exist and experience it.

This is also the introduction to Chaos, freedom, Will, and the choice.  Or as I like to call it Courting Lilith.  Only until long after I had done such a thing, I was told that in Jewish Mysticism I was to avoid it.  I was also told that love for a woman (in my case) is the ultimate expression of experiencing the experience of experience.

It’s getting late.  I’ll probably talk more about this later.  Long story short is that I’ve probably spent now close to 85-90% in solitude.  most of the time being paid just to exist and not fall asleep.  So I could dwell on God, Truth, and drawing.   These 13 years have gone by pretty fast.  That’s not because I have any particular fondness for that year, but because I am reminded that I’ve been expressing my love of the Truth for a long time.

Enjoy tomorrow’s post!


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