So, this is Comic number 40.  The one previous was 19, but I couldn’t get them all off the wayback machine.  I’ll try again some other day, but as for now, all I can remember is being a senior in high school drawing these things.  Well, I re-used my characters.  After reading Nuclear Power, or whatever it was called, I was informed that sprite comics are a thing, I just didn’t want to use someone elses’s characters.  Also working with other peoples sprites seemed a lot harder than working in ms paint.

Back in those days Power Point was awesome, and I think that year, Duroc and I made a thirty minute or so animated movie.  It involved Bill Gates creating an army of robots, and the Queen of England had to create clones, in this case it was screen beans.  The best part of about screen beans, was that if you ungrouped them, they were stick figures you could do anything with.

Also, I don’t remember being able to time multiple actions to happening at once, so I did have to create a lot of slides.  I told my team members to not do anything.  I had to do everything, and I used them for some animating, but I seemed to be able to do it much quicker then they were.  There was no script, there as was only stream of consciousness.

There was an explosion in the end, and since the story didn’t go into any real detail, it was hard to know who was good or who was bad.  The armies destroyed each other, and I think the Queen of England was somehow sent to space.

That was also a year of censorship for me.  I had a blog back then, very similar to now, maybe a little more angst, but I would also discuss ideas.  I vowed back then, that if I were to ever create a blog, it would be like, but with my own interests.

I did want to, and I think if possible, Schwofield was able to become a conglomerate that takes over all aspects of our lives, but what would have made me different is that nothing but the unknown satisfies me.  Finance and Prophecy alike are just means to an end.  Giving a human the time to figure out new hidden secrets of technology and philosophy.

When this new American Revolution finally ends, I can not only keep my Torah, but I can also be free to explore any venture my minds logic seems to like.  Maybe man is supposed to be smart enough to know about the math behind chemical reactions, no matter the social bend.

As much as I love the Justice, Truth will always win out.  That doesn’t mean you don’t pursue it, but why you are pursuing it, know when its better to investigate (if it were up to me, we would have the time to know it all) and when to let certain things go.  Not everyone has the courage to raise their love to a national interest, so even if some do remember, it remains occult until its revealed.

Why?  These are our (new) roots.  We are choosing out future now, and we must make sure that individually we are ready to be the “messiah”.  There is no perfection, there is only truth (and justice!) and choosing to conceal or deceive, or perverting truth.  Morality is a joke to all but those who receive power by its existence.

Well, I wanted to go somewhere with this, but I am tired.  I’ve got work tomorrow, and hopefully I can summon the courage to face some old problems, but honestly, I don’t see a financial future for my any more.  Even with several appropriate capital increases are going to be far outweighed by the frustration of this world of shoddy programming.  Every day seems like a roulette wheel of internet security.

Its like cancer in a person.  Each time you wake up, its like you spin a roulette wheel on your chances of death or imprisonment.   This is also why I don’t like going to sleep.  You let your guard down, and you are gone.  Anything can happen when you come back.  There is no guarantee you will come back to this reality.  Superposition, and perception.

The latter has been on my mind more than ever.  Especially as some of the internets and my own predicitions have been coming true.  Also, my dreams, but, people who do not care to know, will never know of the power of their dreams.

I’ve dreamed of Lilith, and my interpretations and even suppositions have become the same.  I have to be weary, I am a philosopher first, and naming things, even Chaos, can be dangerous as now these memories are seeds for a whole host of information.

I don’t want any of her to be true, and even if the conditions around her are true, she cannot be.  The whole notion of an arrival, is not some doomsday soothsaying, but its the result of psychological mysticism, in a time and age before we were able to know that we were thinking.  The only empirical evidence, is the existenting artifacts made of Gods that were borne out of humanity exploring its inner world.

Thankfully my thoughts, feelings, and writings on her are kept locked up inside of me.  This and my love of Judaism do I allow to show me by interacting as little as possible.  I want to explore my love of the Torah, and the Ten Commandments, I want to be Jewish, but the community here will not allow me.  They will welcome me to sit with them, but they cannot see the bride enter, because they do not understand they are the Sabbath Bride.

This doesn’t mean anyone is better than anyone else, in fact, it creates a burden that only a few actually want to follow.  There is no need to force worship.  It’s like forcing criminals to make armor for a military.  They will do it, but without freedom, there is no desire to make a quality product.  In fact, criminals and slave labor a like would hasten the downfall of the tyrant that put them in that position to begin with.  The slave would be liberated, and the criminal executed either way.

This is also the basis of nationalism, religion, and the plumb-line of treason.

Most people who want the cohesiveness of a body would rather stay far away from that line, and would even prosper if those who do venture are not permitted to commit treason for whatever gain.  Its usually self, but other agencies attempt to gather information or worse, and those people are the ones who need to be the examples of justice.

Otherwise there is no plumb line, there is no nation, there is no law.  We have all become one massive lawless society where the citizens are locked up, and the criminals run the show.