I’ve been busy with work, so when I get home the last thing I want to do is get on the computer.  I do have plans to stream some more minecraft on Sunday.  I’d like to make that a thing.  Saturdays are too busy it seems.  First I have temple, then I have science, also known as the second temple to do.  Friday nights, like tonight, I work on some equations for Saturday, as well as picking up some PPE.

I don’t have the funds, but I plan on building at least two fume hood/boxes for experiments.  One will be for the forge, and the other will be for my various experiments.  I was given an old battery from an APC, so at some point after I build the second fume hood, I can extract the lead and sulfuric acid, so I can store them separately.

My goal is to store things in as close to elemental or pure form whenever possible.  Also, all gases will be trapped so they can be stored, for later purification.

I have a few things to do before I can build my prototype battery  It will also be much less toxic, and if done right, will be a great source of hydrogen as well as electricity. If I can recruit a chemist or actual scientist (I am but a philosopher-mystic) I can help work on a plan to replace a car engine with generator that runs on hydrogen.

That is there the battery comes it, not only does it produce electricity, but it also creates hydrogen.  This is the fuel for the vehicle, and when Israel and America collapses, the end of cheap/toxic hydrocarbons will come to and end.  By my assumption, there should be enough waste that has been dumped into the environment to give the locals a source of hydrocarbons so we can still make oil based lubricants.

This should hopefully be the year we phase out of petrol completely, especially since those with power who have the capital to invest, are shown only to invest in death (See America funding ISIS and the destruction of Europe, as well as Americas terrorist organizations the DEA/CIA), not to mention that instead of investing in the future, our leaders see fit that we need to plunder resources faster than the other guy in an attempt to destabilize the world markets.  1% get rich so they can poison and destroy the 99%.

That may not have been the goal, but it is certainly what ended up happening.

Now, America and the world are praying for some kind of Messiah to stop them from the mess they’ve created.

According to my research in Hebrew Mysticism (my love of loves, thought I think God and Math are intertwined as well) shows that Chaos has been summoned and will probably destroy the lands that are based on faith.

This is the cleansing that MUST happen, so science and a faith can once again lead humanity towards God or Perfection.


Rose colored glasses couldn’t show you anything.