Terribly sorry about that mix up yesterday, posting that blog in the wrong place.  I was out and about yesterday running some errands and eating some great Chinese food.  I wasn’t a big fan of the stuff because of lackluster restaurants, but their Curry beef and egg drop soup was amazing.  Too bad they close at 5.  I might end up there at lunch again some day.  Whilst there I took the opportunity to sketch out a comic and begin a template for another.  I’m trying to use any wasted moment for a productive purpose.

Which is one of the reasons why I separated my phone from my tablet, its cheaper than a smart phone, and now the heavily attacked device is now separated from my contacts.  There is a lot of things I would like to do with my company, but my vision is always out weighed by the ridiculousness of who and what I am as a person in real life.  I am not embarrassed to say the least, just to let people know that they will be both amazed and disappointed at the same time.  I know I am, most of the time its the latter most feeling.

This was long ago, and the salesman was happy because he sold me two units, and I adopted a line, which is perfect for security reasons.  My tablet is for business, and I want to keep it as clean as possible.  My old smart phone still has roms and tetris, but I mainly use it for watching Codys lab and other types of research.

Security was the main reason why I embarked on my quest for a zero waste cycle.  It was then I found that the litter around me wasn’t garbage, but a gift.  I can walk around and enjoy the world, and clean it up at the same time (exercise), instead of throwing away the refuse, I bring it back to my apartment complex and begin preparing it for processing. This is more energy, and I am trying to being the men together in the community to help out.  As of now there are just two of us, but the numbers will grow.  This has a higher purpose.

Yesterday I, along with some friends have constructed the King of Random’s aluminum forge.  I have never mixed plaster before, and in knowing many things that I do now, I wont mix it by hand.  My friend has all the tools I need.  This is what I would like churches to do as well.  Make it a space where the men of the congregation can process materials and repair the congregations equipment.  This concept works better in a dark ages scenario when the churches used to be like the town center.

We still live in a metaphorical dark age, as the church believes in lies rather than setting the people free.

The idea was community.  The closer the more self reliant the better.  This also serves a way to get like minded people together in positive groups.  Groups that become too large need to find ways to cleave off their own congregation, but since the local-community church is long gone, man must revert to the God before even the church and itself.

Nature, more specifically one’s one neighborhood.  The world problems about sick and ill politicos and preachers only have the existential strength we allow them.  This was the gift interpreted by Moses to his(our) people.  The (our) means, that a gift given so freely was not to only remain in their hands.  Theirs is a different burden because of it, and unless you truly desire, and even those that say they do, don’t by their actions alone.  It is a unique path that I have found, something special, but its thankfully not for everyone, nor is it a requirement for anyone unless they are devoted to that cause and that cause alone.

All waste products such as gases will eventually be trapped in water.  I want to apply this standard to all my smelteries and even when I compost/ferment.  The more product I process, the more gas, acids, and Hydrogen is produced.  Thanks to matter neither being created nor destroyed, I can use that as my guiding principle in my goal to collect the more denser elements, as I find ways to process to remove metals and other things from more toxic waste.

The premise is to collect as much gas from every reaction as much as possible.  From what I have been seeing, Hydrogen gas is the most abundant release next to oxygen and carbon dioxide depending on what reaction is happening.  I want that hydrogen, I would like a pressurized line I can hook up to for various things, mainly to create heat.  If I can keep a sustained reaction going I can use that as a way to generate steam.  From there it is electricity.

According to Science and the BBC, all of the Light Density Plastics, or styrofoams, bags, plastic bottles.  The non hard stuff, can be melted down and the gasses are trapped in water for a time, you can get gasoline, diesel, and kerosene!  You are basically turning back time for plastic.  So collect it all!

Drywall is an excellent source of gypsum and sulphur.  The chinese drywall most likely contained a lot of sulphur, which is better than gold.  Waste can be refined back to its original form, and sulphuric acid is the strongest acid that you will ever need in times of resetting clocks.

If you don’t have a need for it, break it down into its elemental form, or nearest equivalence for storage.  All of the materials I process at my complex, belongs to them, for the sole purpose of buying out my corrupt and bankrupt HoA.

I almost have enough home owners to take over, but for once, my focus isn’t political, its to fix the issues that plague my community.

These issues can actually be turned into profit with a little time, effort, and comradery, as well as civic pride.  Again the focus to rebuild the local community with a purpose to pool together non-renewable resources for the goal of keeping the families in one place.   Once the hierarchy of needs is established, then everything else will follow.

I also can no longer afford my health insurance or lexapro, so these next couple of days/week will not be an easy one for me. The comic should not suffer.  ]

Speaking of which, my next Synthetic Wisdom, or Monday update, will be official 100th comic!

Its taken me over five years to get this far.

Since i’m also earning the same amount of money over ten years, I can no longer afford pens.  These last couple of months have increased by debt by about 40%.  My credit rating is going to suffer badly unless I get this under control. I’ll try to get back to the digital world.  It might be time after all.

After I stop paying for health insurance next year, that will free up income to pay off medical debts.  The money I save from not having health insurance should quickly pay off that blood work from 2014, and my 15 minute ER visit for $800.  So including the IRS penalty, I should have those two medical debts paid off in about two years.

The biggest money sink in the whole thing was the mental health.  $65 for an ultrasound isn’t bad, but that’s what you get when you pay cheap monthly premiums.  Thank God it wasn’t cancer, I would either be in debt and sick, or fight the cancer naturally while keeping what I can.  America is not a melting pot.  It’s a meat grinder.  I wish my politicans were Americans too. Then I would have an ally in this world.

Instead I revert back to my self (off the meds and exercise, eating MORE ginger), and helping my local community prepare for the day when we the people of the world can no longer afford whatever it is that’s actually pulling the existential strings.  Machiavelli said it best, “The people do not go to war with the people, its the princes who go to war with other princes”.

If communities were more insular, they would have no need to fear an interloper.  The moment someone tries, they are removed.

The same thing happens in temples of darkness.  When someone shines their light, they are imprisoned or assassinated.

So, we should not worship the same Gods as our fathers, or even our leaders.

We should turn to the one God that created all things, so we can building strong human communities.

Only this time, if we keep a separate city/everyone else intra/inter net,  conflicts would cease, and justice can be dispersed correctly, not to mention appropriately.

Take back your land, get your local law enforcement enforce laws that benefit the people.  Laws are only important to the locality they are enforced.  What kinds of laws are left up to those who live in those environments.  This happens with organized crime during prohibition, up into the comedy cavalcade that is a shadow government.

A standing military should not ever take orders from outside of its command.  Wars should never be fought, but the people should always be defended.  So the military would try to remove itself from the people and laws as much as possible.  It has its own ten commandments it has to follow in order to maintain honor and integrity, i.e. morale.

The internet should be a free and open source of communication.  Which is what the post office started out as.

While the NSA and other spy agencies are being shut down (if they are not military, they have no reason to defend the people and themselves.  That entity is the standard.  If a corporation screws over the military, those implicated have to face two trials.  One, the military brings up the evidence to the people who live in the area as the individuals indicted, and two, they are more than likely going to be blacklisted or executed by the military, as it cannot afford anyone to have interested in anything other than the defense of the nation.  There is no I, in this team, there is only keeping humanity alive and safe.

A world police can still exist, but education and communication will force them to extend their collective reach to beyond the stars.  To pave the wave and make safe for the rest of us.  As much as I would love Space Travel, but I can’t afford to be the first generation pioneer.  Let the reckless sacrifice their lives so that others, like me (the necessary cowards, the sheep).  Why?  I hope the world does have a draft, so each man can find his mettle. This is when the military acts as judge when it comes to the stock of humanity.  Generals are the only men who treat humanity like cattle, because each death will be accounted in a time of here.  Existential sacrifice carries an existential weight.

If a man or woman is unfit for military duty, or they dont want to kill or help out the military, then those individuals, or people like me, would need an environment so we can choose an appropriate path to help humanity.

Then once we get back to civilian life, grow weed and whatever else you want as long as your community/city allows it, and live out our life exploring it, rather than be tied down to this existential debt.

What about travel?  This could be done privately, but if this was left up to the military as well, we wouldnt need security checkpoints.  A well focused military that is polished, will be able to dter any threat.

Any collective or powerful enemy than cant be reasoned with?  You might need to overpower them the old fashioned way.  If I had my way, one Marine would have the power to erase an entire city off the face of the Earth.  You want to keep that kind of destruction limited to as few people as possible, for either secrets, or better yet, focus.

The soft touch, or staying alive, is the defense force.  These are peace keepers, the infrastructure builders, the mediums (like jedi!), the intelligence, the standard keeper of all records.  Their training will, and also during the draft and job training, experiments are repeated until the truth is found.

This is the separation that I want, let the people decide what the people want, and if a governing authority passes a law that only benefit a small group, or suppresses business (fake regulations), or even removing past regulations that saved humanity from terror, then the people have the right to refuse that law as long as it doesn’t actively destroy anothers right to exist.  If the group cannot be reasoned with, or likeminded individuals are far apart, then the defense force steps in and moves them together.

The large multinational coporations and banks will never have a nation, or humanities best interest at heart, and is therefore the greatest enemy to the armed services.  The amount power they have, which isn’t real, is only enforced by those with actual power.  What ends up happening is humanity suffers by becoming inbred, slow, fat, and dull, because those that say they have our interests in mind, only have their own.  Which is to make money.

When Morals breach ethics, then the armed forces have to get involved and separate the two while holding those responsible, responsible for their crimes, which at this point will all be under the jurisdiction of the military.  After this, the people are put on public trial so the people can have their vote on the matter.

We can vote electronically and quickly, its that we waste so much money on different agencies that all have different goals, which are not the goals of the nation or the armed services.  They are to keep themselves alive, and their existence is a private spy agency on the public dole whose information is known to our nations enemies, but not the people who have been spied upon.

Again the only spy on the people should be the military, but the goal isn’t to enforce any federal law, it would be able to help mediate conflicts better and help amend laws, but so it can encrypt and protect all communication and make sure not even a virus or bios program can be found.

All text and information must be preserved and kept intact, even if this implicates its own members of corruption.  This is so the spy portion of the armed services can set up an internal watchdog system that keeps in touch with the populace.

If the federal government morphs into a better government correctly, we dont have to fall apart.  Since there is no trust in politics, in order to regain that trust, prohibition must end, and let knowledge self regulate the peoples actions.  Why do we even need a federal government if we have the internet?

So the military arrests guilty people before their madness erases their memories, the most crucial evidence (there are ways to prolong this remembering session to get what you need).  The us post office can be protected by military encryption, and not only become a local cloud storage/communications hub, but its the start of the local city intranet.  The military sets it up, and protect it from afar, while the people protect it by having local citizens manage the security.

The military hands out certificates for a secure communication of standards and measurements, and voting.

On a separate line, people have access to the global internet, which will then be handled from either the militaries ISP, or a privately run one.  As long as the cities are safe from outside intrusion, nothing else matters.