I found a new place in the next town over that allows me to not only be free, but productive as well.  Being a hermit for over a decade now has allowed me the freedom to want to be be left alone while I feel a charge to draw my comics.  My art bag has started to become a den of productivity as well as I start to throw out pens that are drying out, either from use or time.  I’ve had some in their since I began drawing, so it is a good thing.

Unfortunately resupplying is not that cheap, so I have to scale back on the diversity of pens.  I’ll still remain with Faber-Castell, as for some reason I didn’t take to the Microns.  Just as well, I guess to save money I should be ordering on line instead of going to the store.  Actually, one of my real life clients can possibly work with me, but I’ll have to check on that later.

For now I must use my time on this earth, and before the revolution wisely.  The best thing about wisdom is that it is the unifying source of human knowledge.  It is also rooted in the cause and effect of the physical world.  It makes acquiring other things MUCH easier.  This is actually the greatest thing in the bible.  Even greater than Jesus the Christ and Moshe our together.  Wisdom.  To some it is critical thinking, but to philosophers or lovers of wisdom, it is understanding of a thing.

Being correct is not the cause, in fact with wisdom, or true Wisdom, or a search for the Truth of Truths, one must run headlong into the abyss of the (in)eternal darkness.  What is inside of man, truly inside his mind, what is its own purpose for its own self.

This is also the beginning of FREEDOM in its truest sense.  Moses tried to get his (our) people to understand, but it wasn’t understood fully until we all realized how weak and powerful a social contract is with a king.  One of the most fascinating thing about Judaism and its (our) history, is that there is nothing that separates the Jews from the Non-Jews, not physically, nor by blood, or even creed.  We default to our political understanding of the world around us, then hide behind books, flags, statues, and other various gods for direction and strength.  To an extent this worship is allowable or even necessary, but the first commandment of the original ten is that “I am the lord your good, you shall have no other gods before me”.

What does this mean?  That the God of the Hebrews is the only God, and anyone who disagrees is committing a mistake or gaffe?

No.  A thousand times no.  To believe that the Hebrew God is greater than all Gods is the greatest sin they can commit against that which gave them the Torah, Moses, and Wisdom, the future.  Their God was beyond all notion of a God.  It is the energy that comprises all things on a level of understanding that is kept far from men unless they ask.

Who asks for God?  This question is answered in the division of the people by their class.  Each one supports the other.  There was no centralized power because that seat would belong to God, or the highest source of understanding.  There was no one person to interpret it, the community of religious leaders who kept the rituals and the people together with blessings and law.

The people in turn would be free to support the priest class by allowing them the freedom to do their job.  The day of rest, or the sabbath became a day where all men were equal.  Since no work was in the minds of the people, there would nothing that would separate them as they  came together as one large family as equals.  The wise men did congregate together, but all men were equal as they were all counted in the census.

I would later find out that is this census that created the chasm between us and them.  Instead of filling that gap with understanding, we filled it with fear, then later on death.  This chasm would only widen as a new soul cast into it.  The bottom is the abyss, and there are those among us who derive great pleasure and power in widening that grave.    This has always been the case, and to me Judaism will hold a place in my heart as mankinds metaphor.

In Samuel, the people begged a known prophet for a king, and God told them through the prophet that it will only lead to ruin.  Why is this?  Because we have forgotten and allowed a human to be our king.  This worked for a time, and a time again, but the notion of absolute power rarely has a good end.  For some reason tyrants seems to always find a way to become our king.

The people then lose their rights, and are forced to take action to retain them.  They are free to do so, just as their wicked ruler is free to do whatever is found within its “heart”.

Is this a call for a state without a head?  Absolutely not, but of what use do we need for a king when we can communicate with anyone we choose?  Leaders will always be needed as they become our heros and bring humanity not only through the storm, but beyond that.  Even now, we, as a collective humanity have the stars  in our sights, and in our grasp, if not for these leaden shackles of the old world.


The New World Order will happen no matter what.  It is part of humanity’s cleansing itself of its past.  A little blood will be let, but overall in a truly free world communication and competition will ease the tension that has (artificially) inflated our existential angst.  Unless we are in the affected area, our heart may grieve for our brother our sister, but of a truth, we would look around and see not that same type of destruction, but our own kind of enemy, that we must stop.

Wisdom dictates that nothing is new under the sun, and rightly so, this is an important concept, as once we listen to how others solved their problems, we can begin to see or understand the solutions to our own.

When science or math is concerned, wisdom would defer to that kind of understanding to take precedence.  You do not fudge the numbers, you do not accept the numbers.  You ask the same question until the same answer is seen.

There is a sense of Judgement, not from the Eternal God of all things, but in the more important regard, humanity.  Morality cannot be mentioned, only ethics.  This is also how you can tell if a law is unjust or not.  Is it based on morals or ethics?  If it is mortality, then a tyrant is present trying to be your god.   He won’t succeed.

There is one here in this land that seeks a power that I found in the texts before the Torah, and the texts inspired by it.  This power is not unique, it is a part of the human experience, but this power is not good for those who seek truth and freedom.

That one will attain the zenith of its power for a moment, then be brought to Justice.  The veils of its face will be lifted and humanity will be able to see what it has almost married.  Disillusioned, and the oldest revenge scheme is over, mankind will be able to see who it was looking for this whole time.