Whenever I get frustrated, especially during this early period in my art life, I sketch a bunch of stuff that will never be made.  My computer desk is littered with notes from work which share each piece of paper with a sketch.  Some of them are more cohesive than others, but each day I try, just not very hard.  Each day I try to find a way to try harder, and I do not succeed in that task, as you can see with my latest submission.

It’s up on Monday, and I want to keep this schedule for a while, I don’t mind if they are a little late on monday, as long as they get up, and I complete it.  My satisfaction comes first, then yours.  I do hope that Robert Khoos next project is to come down here to SW for my real life business, to fund Schwofield.com’s venture.  As of now, I have too many ideas and not enough talent/capital to execute them.  This was one of the benefits and curses of a love of wisdom.  It’s hard for me to relate or to even be humble and become better at my art.

If this is the end quality, then why am I not making a comic each day?  I want to tell you the answer to that, as I have the time, just not in the internal support.  This is how it builds though, one step at a time.  I don’t care if I ever become a professional or even professional level, I just want to be able to make these comics, sometimes they will be funny, and maybe, just maybe I will be able to tell a story with them.

Though if my intuition is correct on this matter, there is someone who can help me, its just a matter of connection.


Go on and scare me to death.