I’ve always liked strips with very minimalistic dialogue.  It’s part of the visual story telling aspect these early strips can afford me, they also exist to give me(you) a break from Spinach, his voice sounds a lot like my own: a floodgate.  So now I get to focus on the background more.  I know the art as art is bad, but for cartooning sake it is acceptable to say the least.  I am still in the pre-neophyte era of my ability, so I digress back to the first.

Unless a person wants to become a mystic the first thing that would be the first truth is nature is around me.  Before you can begin to question your own existence you must accept that the world around you exists in whatever form you are accustomed too.  Unless you want to be a mystic, that is all you need, the first is to develop a keen understanding of your surroundings, and the other is to then consider your self and what makes you tick, so you can then tock.  My favorite expression of this is always “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”.  That provides enough light to see the path ahead clearly for your own self appointed missions.

This freedom gives you great power over your own destiny, but to utilize it correctly (at least for now) is by keeping your faith in the status quo and keep trying to locate and install the right people, rather than waiting for someone to take the reigns.  That looking constitutes also looking at their moral and ethical compasses, the first to see if he/she is a man of principle, and the second is a little more important, how willing they are to reinforce the current system with accountability and the search for the most efficient form of governance (different areas demand different solutions).  Physics are free, however, the resources to use them are not free; unless you plan on building everything from scratch on your land (even then, social contract), every tool/service you need to build a better tomorrow is at the request of the society/culture that surrounds you, hopefully keeping you safe and sane (editor note: not every principality can put humanity as their first priority).

So you use the resources allowed to you by the ruling parties and you must then set examples by using the system as best as possible, if your governing body allows you local elections, then that should be your only focus of concern.  Ease the burden of the people by taking it upon yourselves as legally as possible, it will take time, but in the end you will have officials that able to talk to a centralized government, then return back to their real concern: their township.  There is a reason why federal interests are the capstone of government (in large bodies), so they can restrict their influence and benefit from their support.  All they have to do is keep themselves solvent, then gradually ebb away laws and their appearance until they all but disappear.

More on this late, I have much to do.