I can’t remember the date I made this, it might be one some metadata somewhere, but as for it, its lost int he sea of high school memories.  This causes me to remember a few dreams in which I have found myself back in highschool trying to warn people about some future event.  I had a great time in high school, even though I was an odd kid, I was intensely popular.  I didn’t like girls until I was thirty two, in actuality I’ve always liked women, it’s just I was looking for one, ever since my first rejection back in grade school.  I wasn’t upset she threw the ring away and screamed, I was upset with the fact I wasn’t more upset over the matter.  Was it me or her?

Obviously a nebbishly annoying kid such as myself didn’t mind being the odd one, but it was a different time back then, the schools had some freedom left.  IN retrospect I had the best high school experience, I fell in love with wisdom at an early age, and began searching for her voice in the wilderness.  I know where she is, but I cannot get to her at this time.  Instead this is what I do with my time, well part of it.  Even back then it was the same.  Now, here I am commenting on the past and relating it to my present state of affairs.

I still love my Sprite comic Sans Merit, and I can’t believe how good it looks without my glasses on.  I try not to wear my glasses indoors.


and your wise men don’t know how it feels, to be thick as a brick.