The Scythe is alive?  Or is it that a reference to Clint being dead?  What does it mean?  That the dead talk from beyond the grave.  Not in some metaphysical sense, but in historical sense, as in how did they get way?  I always thought it was the duty of the living to prevent themselves from becoming the dead, if they can help it.  Acts of man have long surpassed acts of God when it comes to our own demise.  This weekend I was taught by a voice I didn’t want to hear tell me that the sacrifice is necessary, even if it can be helped.  It’s best to do as the romans, in this regard.

Not really a fair comparison, but the beautiful thing about what I study in my off times reflects the metaphor of humanity.  What one type of governing body does is much like the others around it.  Instead of the lesser of two evils, we are presented with the least of the evil do we still want upon us.  Much like an addiction, this love of comfort gives an allowance to contain our incongruent morals.  This comfort also removes the necessary search for the truth of a thing, because we are told to believe that a little sacrifice here and there will protect us.

The addiction is worse because it destroys a commodity that cannot be renewed, two if you include a time of innocence, for however one is thrust out of their garden of eden, determines a great deal of how they will act, seeing as man lives under the golden rule of an eye for an eye.  When a grave is dug, neither blood nor flesh, nor gold, will fill it properly.

Self rule is the best rule, and when another tries to impose those rules against you to either sacrifice your time or your blood, it should be your decision.  What is behind the veil of concealment?  Who can tell?

If you seek simplicity then have simplicity, if you seek complexity then seek complexity, but never force upon upon the other, or you will lose both.



One day I’m gonna forget you name.