After a fantastic drawing session before bed, I went to the way back machine.  My deviant art says my first comic was uploaded in 2010, but according to the internet archives, this came out in 2003.  I was a senior in high school, and I was reading penny arcade since 99.  That was the comic that got me started, and of a truth, I still sketch his work, and tonight I think I did an amazing job, trying to give myself confidence to do more.   The comic was Sans Merit, and I’ll upload those once a week, well the ones I could recover.

I made 75 or so comics, why didn’t I continue?  Well after high school, my friends stopped responding to my work as well my first attempt at college, and perhaps most importantly of all, I saved all of my characters on a large bmp, and it was becoming more frustrating to use them like those sprite characters.  I never thought I was a good artist, but nuclear power showed me that if I created my own sprites, I could tell my own stories.  I did.. I think.  I’ll let you be the judge as for this summer I will be posting two comics at week.  Wednesdays will be Sans Merit days.

I warn you though, some of the language may be harsh, as I was an angsty teen.  It was a lot of fun making em laugh through high school.


I will be beside you.