This comic, or art in general is a mind game I play with myself.  This game results from the lack of discipline I inherited from my youthful indiscretions.  I cared more for wisdom, than anything else, and now it makes me unsure because the art world seems to me an unknown.  Judaism became a love I found along the way as well, its roots paired well what I was searching for.  This was the grace found only in the present circumstances we all find ourselves in, even though most of us cannot trust our pasts.

Are we all searching for something?  Of course.  I do not give any judgment on what is being sought after, as I can only bear witness to the resultant.  Which ones are true?  There are two answers to that, the third can be allowed only if the source is trusted.  The first truth one can know is ones own being.  This is the most powerful, but at times we give ourselves to what we react to: the world (directly) around us.  Lies are also manifested because of these two truths, and thus the reason one can never trust another.

A person allows a circle of trust to retain ones sanity as friends are found to be a most excellent sounding board.  There is another type of person and another type of sounding board, but that only helps a select few of humanity.  Family and friends are the closest circles of trust we can allow.  Everything and one else selves in the great existential war of this age.  A select few can see this war for what it truly is, but its only important to find out what the major forces are.

Those are the inner forces of man magnified by ones sheer weight of existence upon another.  This can either be another human being or an idea that is adopted from the previous generation.  We inherit the wars of those who came before us, that is why it is up to the living to prevent itself from becoming like the dead.  Just as heroes exist, as do the reapers of souls who seem invincible to their fellow man.  Their activity being ceased would cause more harm than good.

Is this true?  To an extent.  If a major force threatens mankind from within a grand institution (such as the self), then a new institution should be planned to deal with the downfall.  Such as the cessation of an addiction wouldn’t be possible without the goal.

Some activities are harder to stop than others, just as some activities are harder to start than others.

Much like me being more prolific on my comic.  Its possible for me to make one every day.  I try at my very least to draw every day.  Not as much as I’d like; and my mood certainly gets in the way.  My pride keeps me from reaching out to others online.  In person, I know only of one person that creates on the regular, and he is part of a dynamic duo.  I used to be part of a duo until I decided the dead make better teachers than the living.  Video games and movies were revealed to be great time wasters and their final product always seemed like escapism for the sake of escapism.  I couldn’t have fun any in those activities any more.

Humanity and jokes became my fun as well as my faith.  There are wonderful moments that the creator of all things provides me, as it lifts my heart, and then there is the background of the wannabe cartoonist, which makes being with others much more enjoyable…when I am manic.  Something I’ve learned over the years of my life; if you do not use your energy/time efficiently your past will become your greatest adversary.  It’s mine afterall, or women.  Those are pretty frightening as well.  Not on the surface, but underneath.  It makes the choice of wisdom or dating MUCH easier.



and there’s a storm you’re starting.