I want to draw, but I also want to write.  What shall I write about?  I could talk about my day, what I ate, my thoughts on various political or matters of science/law; what would be the point?  The freedom of expression, would be the ultimate point, not what I say, but the fact I say or manifest it into being, is the “point”.  Creation.

Now, since I am the creator of such a thing, what shall be its direction?  Where should I lead these thoughts?  To my own liberation from what what vexes me most, but even here there is a name I will not mention under this pen name.    I do not like writing down names, lest I give anyone or thing any more power.  It is possible to separate ethics from morals when one separates their own feelings from their thoughts so that no word bears any more grandeur over another.  All things are equal.

Not all thoughts can be let go as easily as others, which then begins the internal to quest to find why they take time to be released.  Does ones own mental state have a series of locks that need to be dealt with?   Surely, there are those who do not believe their own mind is the only true prison.  We must take great care to resist others lack of self understanding from becoming our own.  If, it any time we battle for our mind is lost, who knows what kind of treachery becomes saved for later use.

An example would be an institution that carries out immoral activities for shear gratification, or an affirmation of their unwillingness to understand themselves.  Mankind is plagued by them, and their existence.  It would be normal for this activity to infiltrate and pervert other people and their station to act as a buffer from any notion of judgment.  This is standard for corruption.

This is why the first watch is always ones own mind.  A kind putting ones own home or space in order.  The more ordered this internal space the more comfort and solace can can be found.  The next watch is ones family and neighborhood.  The last watch is multi-tiered and complex which is why we choose from among us one to take up that duty.  The level of corruption of the last watch can be seen in in its first two, the person and the people.

When do ethics come into play?  Ethics allow all actions to occur.  It is the realm in which we judge each other, the second watch is the series of compromises we allow to keep a society  structured so that it may exist.

An example of unethical behavior is when ones perceived immorality reduces or introduces a law that is not the over all benefit of the group.  Perverting the idea that law acts of a source of self regulation for a society.  If left unchecked, this behavior would breed a system of distrust in all men who suffer because of it, which thanks to globalism, the connected man witnesses more than the unconnected.


Rectifying any issue mentioned or not would only be possible if the first watch is successful in liberating one from their invisible and visible neighbors present state of mind.  It is dynamic depending on ones mood, much like their morality, or even wealth.

Everything else would be considered not only ancillary, but the discussion of discussions would continue.   As it stands even in the most sacred of mans halls this discussion seems to have ceased, which is why it is important for each person to begin in with them selves first.


Phantom voices with no words to follow.