Accepting the loss of privacy when communication leaves the home is only natural, because I consider the burden of the forces that rule over humanity, not for control, no, humanity cannot be completely contained, but because I am not in their seats of judgement, given to them by the divine rule of time and consequence.  I have heard tales that the “players” keep some blood lineage in some kind of eugenic race for perfection immortality.  Even though the moment we leave our residence everything can and will be monitored, abuse can only be avoided, and some trust can be regained with the loosening of the moral belt of law.  One of the biggest flaws of the republican party is that they claim they are for business yet they refuse to legalize and regulate nearly every business available.  They should kick the church out of ranks and let that be, as long as they wearing the hat of the politician they should not serve God, but the men they were “elected” by to lead.  I’m pretty sure that which created us, would have you do the job you were supposed to do, otherwise you would be a priest (God’s politicians).  By the bye, that means the church shouldn’t have need for any lobbying, there is plenty of that happening internally.

The Church is the only institution where the people have any say because it was given to them. The world that supports it may belong to the Godhead of Principles, Maths, and Other(s!), but He gave that to the victor, and to the victory goes the spoils.  Freedom and Corruption can work wonderfully together because they always work for whatever governing body needs it to survive.  I hope and pray my faith true Catholicism is bodies of man (health/transport) with the hearts of man (helping him come to terms with who he is), and lifts them up (searches for Truth above all else by investing in science/art and internalizing its force multipliers as long as the worlds governments will allow it.  So as long as the church doesn’t force itself upon anyone or try to influence politics (its a waste of time and money, religious politicians might be a violation, too, oh yeah of ethics, and even worse for them, multiple gods, and probably a few other commandments are broken too), it will be able to utilize its forces, and maybe just maybe they will all want to rejoin the Catholic faith.  Of all my church wishes for reform, one of which I would really like to help it out, it would be that the Jesuit Pope understands the literal meaning of the term Catholicism, then for him and everyone else, the metaphorical meaning, then back to the literal meaning.

Back and forth that goes until the devotion to the dead is only with the roots that use them for nourishment.  Meanwhile the sane ones will be like the metaphorically mentioned trees and reach skyward towards the sun.  The Catholic Church has very little time in order to achieve would seem like the impossible, but it can only be done after the dross has been burned away with the burning heart (I’m not entirely sure what that means right now).  Open your Sunday Mausoleums to those that need a home and a helping hand, and rebuild a community you helped destroy you wretches!

Kick out the false apostles and appoint new disciples to lead you into the next age.  (Don’t forget to reduce/reuse ALL waste to improve efficiency.

To Age Up Choose One:

Shadow Bankers: fight uselessly among your selves but gain 50% to economy growth + 5 Pikemen and +2 Trebuchets

The False Prophet(s): join the religious patriots zealots as they take over the country, but their religious infighting turns the country into the next crusade against each other! gain 50% to all misguided rage and -100% to economy growth + 12 Monks, +4 Horsemen (I couldn’t resist, sorry)

 Anarchy!!!!: All of the libertarians won, and religion was all be abolished, enjoy a rule of multiple history books as years of mistrust turn an ideal utopia into a cool new dark ages, leaders quickly turn into tyrants as they bleed their peoples into rebellion!: 51% to economic growth but -60% to culture +6 peasants + 11 Archers (monks and churches can no longer be built)