Today ended up a lot busier than I anticipated but I made some good breakthroughs while suffering from the ill effects of too much sugar.  I tried some new flavors of my old favorites, but in the end, it just wasn’t worth the emotional lollercoaster thrill ride.  I binged really, as I had forgotten that refined sugar is toxic on your body, in small amounts, maybe. Is it really worth the binging experiments to find out otherwise.  Too many sweets is a bad thing, as sugar causes inflammation and mood swings.  Its a wonder why its in all of our food here in America.  I guess all those “small” amounts add up over time, especially if people become tolerant.  I wonder what would happen if these risks were known by the producers of the food (like I use sugar when I bake desserts) and still sold a product anyway, or if long term effects of constant inflammation and mood altering where known.  If it is known, and still done, then that would probably not be a good thing.  At least on the consumer level, I usually abstain from sugar, and give in now and again to over-indulgence.

This cornucopia of processed sweetener was eaten because when the sadness takes over, the body tends to seek out “cheap” sources of feel good chemicals.  Maybe there are better times to consume so the effects are used as a medicinal quality.  When would you want inflammation and altered moods?  Before you sleep?  Crazy, is not a replacement for sleep.  Insanity, maybe.  Just not while you are in the throws of a gestalt tournament for dominance.  Not only are you the players competing, you are the referees, the support staff, the law enforcement; the crowd, but you are observing it like a god.  The loser is the creator of your thoughts because you cannot control them, because of a mistake.  Luckily this mistake wasn’t life or death, but as a person who likes to write these essays for this site, it felt as bad.  To think it all started with a gallon of ginseng and honey tea.  I’m going back to my ginger tea, barely sweetened.

This is control, and sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.  I love Wisdom above all things, it surpasses all things, and its a shame its not well liked, because it really is the most powerful tool at a humans disposal.  Even greater than education.   The problem is, the opposite is like sugar.  The lack there of creates problems and makes it harder to control emotions and thoughts.  There exist organizations that actively seek out and destroy the lovers of wisdom, which is why I write and create.  It’s better to have my posts try to have some kind of meaning, be it existential or personal.  The latter being the more important.  I do wish my comics were better, but I think you might enjoy these next ones coming up.

I can’t explain it, but I am compelled to create all the time, but I will draw so much before something inside breaks, and I am emotional wreck because of it.  Outside events do factor in, as neither I, nor anything else exists in a vacuum.  I do try to keep my update schedules at the Monday and Tuesday schedule and would like to do more, but, again this bump causes me to stop for a while, usually until I learn something.  Strange, huh?